How to work on pages with AJAX in selenium?

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Working on pages with AJAX

  •  Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  •  AJAX is not a new programming language, but a new way to use
     existing standards.
  • AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server, and update parts of
    a web page – without reloading the whole page.
  • AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages. 

Start Selenium IDE

Record some steps – run the script. It fails some where then,

  • Right-click on the step that failed so that the Selenium IDE context menu
  • Click on Insert New Command.
  • In the Command select box, type waitForElementPresent or select it from
    the drop-down list.
  • In the Target box, add the target that is used in the verifyText command.
  • Run the test again, and it should pass this time

The following commands make up the waitFor set of commands, but this is not an exhaustive list:




waitForElementNotPresent waitForTextPresent






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