What we cannot record

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Unfortunately, there are a number of things that Selenium cannot do. Since Selenium was developed in JavaScript, it tries to synthesize what the user does with JavaScript events.

  • Silverlight and Flex/Flash applications, cannot be recorded with Selenium IDE.
  • Selenium cannot do file downloads.


Q) What is the main language that drives Selenium IDE?

Answer: JavaScript

Q) Selenium IDE works on Internet Explorer?

Answer: False

Q) Selenium verifies items on the page when it is recording steps?

Answer: False

Q) What is the difference between verify and assert?

Answer: A verify command validates and verifies that an element is on the page but does not interrupt the execution of the test. Assert
is similar to a verify command except that it will cause the test to fail and interrupt its execution.

Q) If you wanted to validate that a button has appeared is on a page which two commands would be the best to use?

Answer: verifyElementPresent/assertElementPresent

Q) If an element got added after the page has loaded what command would you use to make sure the test passed in the future?

Answer: waitForElementPresent

Q) How do we run all the tests in a Test Suite?

Answer: Click on the button with the Arrow and three solid green lines

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