SharePoint Interview Questions And Answers

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SharePoint Interview Questions

If you're looking for SharePoint Interview Questions 2019 for Experienced & Freshers, you are at right place. Here Mindmajix presenting a list of Top 30 interview questions on Sharepoint. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research SharePoint has a market share of about 50.3%. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career by choosing SharePoint. Learn Now.!

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SharePoint Interview Questions

1Q) What are the differences between Sharepoint and Confluence?

Sharepoint Vs Confluence
Feature SharePoint Confluence
Market Place SharePoint Store Atlassian Marketplace
Organical Growth Sold Top to Bottom Grows Bottom-Up
Enterprise edition Ready to use Ready to use
Personalised News Third party add-ons available Cannot personalise news
Microblogging Can be done using add-ons Microblogging disabled
Team Collaboration Limited to defaults Can collaborate
Controlled Intranet Available Unvailable
Full Transparancy Canot provide complete transparency Available

Q2) What are the various Input forms that you as a user can create for a WorkFlow in ShrePoint?

These are Modification Form, Installation Form, Task edit Form as well as Association form.

Q3) What do you know about the Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is basically a document storage and management system that has wide applications in the organizations. It simply enable organizations to storage their documents in an error-free manner on different domains without worrying about anything. However, the scope and applications of SharePoint are not just limited on this; they have a lot of other applications as well. The users are free to get a lot of favorable outcomes in the server domain as well. 

Q4) What do you mean by WSP?

It stands for Web Solution Package and is basically a file that provides information on resources, assemblies, images, site definitions as well as on the features to be added on the site. They are required to be considered when the updating of any type is carried out on the website. 

Q5) What are the benefits of using the SharePoint in an organization according to you?

There are certain benefits that SharePoint can bring in an organization and a few of them are spotlighted below.

  • It is possible to replace an existing corporate file server with the help of this tool
  • It has been equipped with features such as access control remotely. This often makes it a secure approach
  • Documents can easily be archived and a lot of storage space can be saved easily
  • It has scalable features when it comes to confidentiality and authentication. The users are free to keep up the pace simply 
  • SharePoint is economical and is good enough to be trusted for the long run
  • It can easily cut down the need of new staff

Q6) What is team Site is SharePoint?

It is basically a feature that enables the users to invite other users simply by allowing them permissions to access the site externally. 

Q7) How can you say that SharePoint is Collaborative Software?

SharePoint has a lot of groupware abilities due to which it is widely known. The users are free to get the results in a manner they cannot expect with traditional document managing approaches. It has been equipped with a lot of features such as project scheduling. Moreover the users are free to access it in a social collaborative manner. In addition to this, enterprises can share mailboxes. Also, the storage of all the documents related to a specific project can be accomplished in a very reliable manner.

Q8) What sort of applications does SharePoint have in Custom Web Applications?

SharePoint has vast application in Custom Web Applications. All the users are free to get the results in the way they want through this approach. SharePoint is actually capable to offer an extra later of services which simply make sure of quick prototyping of all the web applications. Developers can make sure of integrating the corporate directories as well as the data sources through the various standards imposed on document assessment. SharePoint also has information management capabilities which are good enough to be trusted in a lot of development platforms. Moreover, there is a dedicated app store which is equipped with applications that are best for encapsulating the resources.

Q9) How can you say that SharePoint is a better option than traditional data sharing document approach?

S.No SharePoint Traditional Approaches
1 Data can be accessed securely and reliably There are more security concerns
2 Multitasking is possible with files, documents and reports The same is not allowed                                                                   
3 Can handle web applications development and content management Not all traditional tools in this class are capable of the same

Q10) What is the purpose of scheduling tools in the SharePoint?

The scheduling tools are responsible for updating and assigning the multi-level tasks from a Gant calendar. 

Q11) What are some of the best applications of SharePoint which you are familiar with?

It has a diverse array of applications. There are a lot of organizations who are using the. Some of the major domains and sectors in which the SharePoint can have its applications are:

  • Sharing of Documents
  • Intranet applications
  • Collaboration with other tools
  • Websites development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Extranet

Q12) In the SharePoint, how it is possible for the users to create a Task Notification?

First of all, open the designer and opt to create a fresh task list. Next step is to create a workflow which is associated to the task list. The terms and conditions for use are them imposed in the next step. Mailing address are to be mentioned after this and then the same is assigned to the subject lookup. After this, the workflow is activated and finally the same is published. 

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Q13) Tell the procedure of creating a list in SharePoint?

This can be done by first tapping on the app link and adding a custom list. Under the site contents, you can then open the app section. Next step is to click on the custom list and mention the description. This is how a list can be created in the SharePoint. 

Q14) How can permission be chosen from the available group in SharePoint?

This can easily be done by scrolling down the arrow mark on the available group and then select the share option. 

Q15) What do you mean by the term “OneDrive for Business”?

Once Drive for Business means all the documents related to an organization are kept in a single drive which can be on a cloud. A lot of synchronization can easily be assured without compromising with the quality and security of the documents. The authorized users are free to share and explore the entire information without any restrictions. You simply need not to worry about anything when it comes to accessing the documents. The SharePoint is a good approach that can be trusted for this. It is capable to cater all the data needs in a cloud as well.

Q16) What according to you is the simplest method for displaying the status bar for the user?

For this, simply drag and drop a file and the status bar will be shown. 

Q17) What are the features of SharePoint that makes it a reliable tool according to you?

SharePoint is a good tool that has been provided some of the most basic to dynamic features and they are spotlighted below.

  • It is capable to follow the sites, documents, people, as well as tags
  • Previews of files and documents can easily be created
  • Group sharing is possible
  • Discussions forums are good enough to derive any sort of  information
  • Data integration can be done easily
  • Security updates are available with respect to time

Sharepoint Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

Q18) What type of data or the information is there in the content database in SharePoint?

  1. It provide information regarding the report models, 
  2. Information on all the reports that get published 
  3. Various permissions associated with the different tasks
  4. Properties of different applications
  5. Sharing of data resources and how this can be done
  6. Managing the resources

Q19) Name any two classes in the Server Object model?

These are SPWeb and SPSite

Q20) What is the purpose of callout function present in the SharePoint?

It is basically a feature that enables the users to simply access different commands on the list. Some key examples are handling navigation links, adding new items and monitoring the tasks. On the navigation list, all the tasks can be accomplished in one go and the users have no reason to worry about. 

Q21) Name the three types of Sites available ion SharePoint?

These are Team Site, Public site and My sites. 

Q22) Is it possible to manage the projects in the SharePoint? How?

Yes, it is possible and for this there are several facilities available in the SharePoint such as 
dashboards which contain custom KPI. The information regarding the graphs and status updates can be grabbed from the same. Also, there other features that can help a lot in this matter.

Q23) How can SharePoint be used in enterprises fro document and content management?

All the electronic documents and records can easily be tracked, monitored, controlled, searched, archived, as well as stored easily with the help of this tool. It has been provided with most dynamic features with the help of which the users are free to go for information management, legal needs as well as process requirement fulfillment. It has also been provided with dedicated features for graph and functionality. It has a collaborative approach and can easily be integrated with real-time applications and software such as Microsoft Office.

Q24) What do you mean by MOSS?

It stands for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and is actually a full version of a portal-based platform for effective managing and creating the documents and web services. 

Q25) What is delegate control in SharePoint?

It is basically a function that enables the Object oriented features to be controlled. When the need felt, they can even be replaced through the custom control. It is not necessary always that they need to be modified for this task. 

Q26) How the Web interface in the SharePoint can be used?

When it comes to configuration, the SharePoint needs a web browser. Web-based interface simply enable users to have direct access to several configuration capabilities. However, it all depends on the level of permission user have. Depending on the same, a user can have a lot of applications.

  • The web interface can simply enable users to manipulate the entire structure of the content. 
  • The users are free to add or remove apps
  • Navigation options can easily be modified
  • A lot of features of the product can easily be enabled or disabled
  • Custom designs can easily be uploaded
  • Integration can be done with Microsoft products
  • Basic workflows can be configured easily
  • Metadata management can be done in a very reliable manner
  • Customizations can be uploaded

Q27) What do you mean by CALM in the SharePoint?

It stands for Collaborative application Markup Language. It is actually the custom XML language in the SharePoint which is used for defining some important objects as well as the content types. 

Q28) What do you mean by the term Farm in SharePoint?

In SharePoint, farm is nothing but a collection of SharePoint Servers having the configuration database similar.

Q29) How can you say that SharePoint can enhance the employee engagement towards the work?

Employees have to handle a lot of burden and pressure when it comes to managing information, data or documents. It often results in common mistakes. The SharePoint is equipped with so many features and the users are free to keep up the pace in the long run for managing everything easily and coming up with superior outcomes. It assures employees to have quality in their work and they can save a lot of time. Also, the documents can be managed, located and accessed anytime the need of same is felt. Thus, the overall engagement of employee towards an objective can easily be enhanced. 

Q30) What are Content Types in SharePoint?

It is basically a WSS type definition which is present in the SharePoint. It is quite flexible and reusable. It defines the column and the overall behaviors or an object in a document library. 

Q31) Why security matters in the documents management and storage?

Security is probably one of the major and in fact prime concerns. The users have to make sure of it always. Without security, there are strong chances of information leak. This can affect the sales as future plans can be adopted by other competitive businesses upon information leak. Security always makes sure that documents remains safe and the information cannot be accessed by anyone who is not authorized to do so. Also, security of documents simply enables users to access them anytime from any remote location.

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