Package Operations

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The Application object is the core class that exposes methods used to connect to and interface with an SSIS service instance for pre-SQL 2012 instances of SQL Server or when the deployment model of your SSIS project is set to use the package deployment model. The following are typical management operations that can be performed using this class:

  • Load, save, and delete SSIS packages on the Windows files system, SQL Server, or Integration Services repository
  • Construct and execute packages either from a storage facility or in memory
  • Add, remove, and rename folders in SQL Server or Integration Services repository folders
  • Control package permissions stored within a SQL Server
  • Obtain state information and status regarding the execution of packages in SQL Server or the SSIS package repository

The Package object represents an instance of a single SSIS package. Although this object exposes many methods that enable you to control every aspect of a package, this External Management and WMI Task Implementation Topic deals only with functionality that applies to maintenance-type operations. Here are the maintenance-based operations that the Package object exposes:

  • Configuring log providers
  • Managing package configurations
  • Managing Connection Managers in SQL Server and Integration Services

Now that you have an overview of the managed class library for the DTS runtime, the following sections dig deeper into each of the primary classes and demonstrate some useful examples.

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