Display data in a table

The most basic way to display information on a report is to use a simple table. You create a table by simply dragging it from the toolbox and placing it on the page.

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The toolbox is usually on the left side of the screen, but it may be hidden by the Report Data panel. Depending on how your screen is set up, the Toolbox tab might be visible at the bottom of the left of the screen. If you can’t see it, use CTRL-ALT-X to display it.


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Tables come with a header row and a data row, and by default, they have three columns. If you click into a table cell, the table gains a set of grey boxes around the top and left sides. These are similar to the column and row selectors in Microsoft Excel.

If you click onto the small grey box at the top left of the table (the very left of the header rows) the table will display handles that let you resize or move it on the report design surface.

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Try it

1. Open the Toolbox if it is not already open. If the toolbox is not visible, use CTRL-ALT-X to display it.

2. From the Toolbox, drag a table on to the empty report, roughly in the center of the report design surface.

3. The table has a header row and a Data row. From the Report Data panel (you may need to click on a tab to open this if you pinned the toolbox open), drag the Month field from Datasets > SalesSummary into the first cell in the data row of the empty table. Note that the Header row is filled in automatically.

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4. Now use an alternate way of filling the table. Hover your mouse over the empty data cell to the right of the Month cell and look for the field chooser icon. Click it, and select Total.

The report should look like this:]


To preview the report, click on the Preview tab at the top of the report window. After a couple of seconds, your basic report should be displayed. Note two things, however:

1. The month is displayed as a number. 
2. The sales total is displayed with four decimal places and no thousands separator. We’ll fix this soon.

Month- Total


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