How dashboard facilitates analysis and understanding in tableau?

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Bringing it all together with dashboards

Storytelling is the creative demonstration of truth. A story is the living proof of an idea, the conversion of idea to action.

Robert McKee

An essential element of tableau’s value is delivered through dashboards. Allowing the audience to interact with a dashboard and change the details being displayed provides a means to shift context-leading to new and potentially important discoveries. Assembling dashboards in tableau is fun for the designer, and good dashboard design can delight information consumers.

How the dashboard facilitates analysis and understanding?

When reviewing reports or creating new analytical reviews of data-you are looking for a story-something of value that you can share with others to enable change for the better. Dashboards fortify this storytelling by providing complementary views of the data and turning the data into actionable information that is supported by facts.

Well-designed dashboards are also visually interesting and draws the attention of users to play with the information, providing details-on-demand that enable the information consumer to understand what, who, when, where, how and perhaps even why something  has changed.

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