What are the rapid-fire analysis at a public utility in tableau?

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Last modified: April 24th 2019

Use cases for rapid-fire visual analytics

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Rapid-fire analysis at a public utility

Newnan utilities is a local water utility in Newnan, Georgia. The company has experienced significant fluctuations in call volume within their call center that were a bit challenging to resolve. On the other hand, traditional call center software was too expensive. Director of administration, Jeff Phillips, and business analyst, Paul Lisborg, were charged for solving this problem. They achieved this goal by using tableau software to visualize the data that was already being captured by their telephone system database. Figure12.1 shows an example call analysis dashboard.
Source: Case study and figure are contributed by Paul  Lisborg and Newnan utilities.

Call analysis dashboard

Figure12.1 Call analysis dashboard

This dashboard has a number of desirable attributes. When users point at the instruction icon present in the upper right side of the dashboard, they receive detailed navigation instructions regarding navigation and filtering. The  dashboard provides time series analysis of call volume for selected departments and information on abandoned calls, maximum hold times and average call duration.

Newnan utilities were able to deploy the dashboard in less than an hour. They were able to make immediate and significant improvements in staff utilization during peak periods and managers were more quickly alerted to staffing needs. Best of all, a single dashboard design is able to deploy easily across multiple platforms-including smart phones and tablet computers.

The company has also realized significant benefit by using tableau for residential rate analysis and for monitoring and managing the potential storm water infiltration into a wastewater system. All of these solutions were envisioned, developed, and deployed in just few limited days.

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