A TIBCO AMX BPM project contains the following assets:

  • Business Assets

There are two categories of project-related business assets in TIBCO Business Studio

Quality Process: Business cases, project plans, and so on.
Ad-hoc Assets : Supporting documents, spreadsheets, and so on that are not part of the quality process.

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  • Processes 

A process models the business process

  • Forms

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You can define forms to collect user input in a user task within a business process

  • Business Object Model

A business object model is a set of business terms and relationships specific to your corporate environment (for example, in a financial environment, broker, counter party, and so on)

  • Emulations

You can add emulation files that allow you to emulate a process and add test data at certain activities, thus enabling you to check the data flow at various activities in a process.

  • Organization Models

An organization model defines the organizational structure of your enterprise and the relationships between the different components (for example, organization units and positions) within your organization

  • Workforce Management

Workforce management stores your library of tasks. Having a library of tasks enables you to reuse tasks in different processes

  • Service Descriptors

Service assets include the WSDL files for any web services that you import into your project

  • TIBCO SOA Platform

If you want to deploy an application to the TIBCO SOA Platform, you need to create the special folders to contain the SOA assets.

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