1. Go to All Programs->TIBCO-> TIBCO_HOME->TIBCO HAWK->Hawk Configuration. Right Click and run as administrator.

HAWK Display

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2. Double Click on Start Hawk Display option or Right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’, to get the startup window.

Start Hawk Display option

3. The Hawk display window with the agents/machines configured to it. Initially agents 0(zero).

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Hawk display window

4. Later the number of machines configured to hawk domain are being discovered. Note: In the image, only one host machine is configured.

hawk domain

5. On expanding the Agents->Discovered. Click on TIBCO HAWK Cluster IP to view the machines configured to hawk domain.


6. Right click on the target machine. Select Get Configuration -> Rulebases

target machine

7. On clicking Rulebases, you get Rulebase list. Click on create icon (first one).

Rulebase list

8. On clicking create, you get a rule editor.

Rule editor

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