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Monitor EMS Queues/Topics Depths Using TIBCO Hawk

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Monitoring Of Queues/Topics Depths


a) Start the Hawk display. Refer to Section Getting Started With Hawk Display

b) Right click on the target machine. Select Get Configuration -> Rulebases

c) On clicking Rulebases, you get Rulebase list. Click on create icon (first one).

d) On clicking create, you get a rule editor.

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e) Click on create icon, you get a data source window. Click Edit.

f) You can select MicroAgent & Methods. You can set arguments for the methods created. The argument description is available at left side of the window. Click on ‘ok’ after the configuring.

g) Here MicroAgent is JMS_Monitor (tcp: //localhost:7222), Method is And Method arguments queueRegExp is set as queue name. It retrieves the information about the queue/s whose name is matching with the argument value given (Pattern Match). If queueRegExp is not specified (Empty argument) then by default the information about all queues are fetched. Click on OK. Note: Refer to Hawk Controller: getQueues section in TIBCO Hawk Enterprise Message Service Microagent.pdf for more details or method description beneath the methods section in Hawk display.

h) Now click on ‘create’ to give test conditions in ‘Test editor’.

Now click on ‘Edit’ to give specific monitoring condition.
i) The test condition can be specified. Here, the pending message count of the queue is monitored. After setting condition, click on OK.

j) Click on create to specify action item.

k) Select the desired Action type. The Alert action is selected here. On clicking Insert, You can insert any of the categorized information retrieved from the method. Click on OK.

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l) Click on OK to navigate to RuleBase Editor. Click on Apply Changes.

m) Click on Send Selected To. The window displays the list of Machine. Select the machine. Click OK.

n) A Pop Up window with success message.

o) At Hawk Monitor, the Rulebase Queue_Monitor is created.

p) The hawk monitors the queue name which matches the regular expression “sample_hawk_demo”. When the pending message count exceeds 0. The Hawk Monitor components turn to red.

Cross check EMS Administrator tool. The pending message count exceeds zero.

q) Right Click on rulebase. Select Show Alerts.

r) The alert details are displayed as follows.

s) Now, the pending messages are cleared.

t) The Hawk Monitor components immediately turned to green. In Alert Display Window, the alert is marked as cleared.

u) Monitoring of Topic requires a similar procedure. Instead of getQueues, select getTopics in step f.

.hrb File created for the Monitoring of Queue/topic depths:


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