TIBCO Hawk Architecture Components

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by Yamuna Karumuri
Last modified: February 2nd 2021

TIBCO HAWK Architecture Components

This tutorial gives you a brief overview of Hawk Components.


  • GUI to monitor the systems and applications health
  • Create rule-bases and send them to agents
  • Any number of displays
  • Needs rvd to communicate and monitor
  • Heart-beats from Agents subscribed
  • Dynamic discovery
  • Colour code
  • Hawk Display publishes – agents reply
  • Dead agents.
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  • Reside on each machine
  • Monitor system and applications (on that)
  • Publish heartbeat at configured interval
  • Publish health info, when problems are detected
  • Take necessary actions as specified in the rule base.


  • Tell the agent what to monitor and how often to monitor
  • What actions to take in case of failure
  • Any number of rulebases can be assigned to an agent
  • Created using Hawk Display and exported to agents.

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Frequently Asked Tibco Spotfire Interview Questions & Answers


  • These are agents interfaces
  • Applications using AMI appear as microagents within agents
  • AMI (Application Management Interface).


  • Subscribes and logs all events centrally
  • External notification for dead agents
  • Run anywhere on the network


  • It is a process in which microagents Continuously run on the system.

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