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Top 10 AWS Cloud Products

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Top 10 AWS Cloud Products

Amazon Web Services delivers a comprehensive set of universal cloud-based products such as storage, compute, analytics, databases, mobile, networking, management tools, Security applications, IoT and enterprise applications.

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AWS cloud services help businesses to move faster, scale and lower IT costs. These are the most trusted services by most significant business enterprise and the hottest start-ups to power a distinct variety of workloads such as web and mobile applications, data processing, game development, storage, warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

Amazon Web Services has just secured $5 billion in revenues for a quarter. Now lets us look at the most popular AWS products. 

According to 2ndwatch, a correctly managed cloud provider, and AWS partner, the rapid growing AWS products used by their customers in 2017.

The Elastic MapReduce from Amazon is with 24%, the network monitoring is 23% CAGR CloudWatch, and 18% is the turn of AWS Lambda-the serverless product.

92% is the customer’s growth pulled by 2nd Watch indicates that this percentage of people is using CloudWatch in their organizations. Respondents use AWS Data Transfer, AWS Simple Storage, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud at 100%.

Top AWS products with customer usage ratio

According to Jeff Aden, the co-founder of 2nd Watch “In the present scenario, we are observing that enterprise customers adopt new services at a rapid pace when compared with past years, a product like Amazon DynmoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, and Amazon Workspaces.”

He added that “With AWS cloud services, large enterprises are capturing huge cost saving benefits while decreasing time to market with growing ability to make informed decisions.” 

Therefore, AWS in total issued 497 service release featured over the most recent financial quarter.  New Services and Products launch at reinventing with additional efforts with a significant focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The most evident of these products was Amazon SageMaker- the innovated service from AWS aimed to help developers design, build, train and deploy distinct models in machine learning.

Other rapid growing AWS products in recent times include Amazon Chime, a tool for online meeting and video conference, and AWS Glue- an entirely managed data service to extract, transform and load (ETL) data service.

It is not surprising news that AWS’s two core products, i.e., compute and storage are in the lead. 100% 2nd Watch environments are using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which is densely scalable object storage. 99% of customers use the virtual and on-demand machine learning-Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Data Transfer from AWS is used by 100% customers as it enables quick data transfer in or out at some point.

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Now let’s have a glance at other AWS products which are on-demand in the present cloud computing scenario.

It’s shocking that the other products are of low usage. Less than half of the customers use Amazon VPC that provides the customer with isolated virtual machines and are of instance EC2 type by default.

The Study of 2nd Watch also highlights some significant challenges that Amazon faces in new product breakings. Not even half of 2nd watch customers use Amazon’s Word docs and Workspaces for virtual desktop and storage sharing purposes.  Only 11% of customers use AWS Storage Gateway for bridging on-premises environments to the public cloud. Only 10% of customers use the event-processing engine for companies Amazon Kinesis.

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