WebLogic Interview Questions

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WebLogic Interview Questions

If you're looking for WebLogic Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research WebLogic has a market share of about 0.4%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in WebLogic Analytics. Mindmajix offers Advanced WebLogic Interview Questions 2019 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as WebLogic Administrator.

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Q. How would you start an administration server that you have created using command?
For Windows: Windows

Q. What actually is done by the startWebLogic script?
startWebLogic does the following :
Invokes setDomainEnv.cmd on Windows / on UNIX which sets the environment variables starts a JVM that is configured to run a WebLogic Server instance by invoking javaweblogic.Server command

Q. What is an indication of successful administration server startup process?
Standard out (the command window) should have the following

Q. How would you restart an administration server when managed servers are not running?
Simply start the administration server as you normally do. After that, you may start the managed servers.

Q. How would you restart an administration server when managed servers are running?
No need to restart the managed server in this case. Simply start the administration server.

Q. In which configuration file, can you define the domain listening port?
Each WebLogic domain has its own configuration file name called config.xml where domain listening port is defined.
e.g. 7001

Q. Why editing config.xml while the server is executing is not allowed?
WebLogic Server rewrites config.xml periodically and hence changes done while server is executing would be lost.

Q. Which is the preferred way of editing config.xml?
Using Administration Console

Q. What are the situations where editing config.xml is a valid option?
Cloning a config.xml and editing its values is allowed when you are deploying several WebLogic instances.
You may copy the XML element that defines the object from one server’s config.xml to the other if you have defined an object in one WebLogic server and want to copy it to another server.
You can also edit config.xml directly to set an attribute that cannot be set using Administration Console.

Q. What are the rules for editing config.xml?
a) Take a backup of xmlfile before editing it.
b) Editing xmlfor an active domain should not be done since those changes are likely to be overwritten by the system.
c) Name attributes of child elements should match its parent.
d) Domain may fail to boot on server restart if there are any validation issues with the editedxml.

Q. What are the recommended assistive technology configurations that BEA WebLogic supports?
BEA supports following configuration options for accessibility enhancements:
a) Using JAWS Link Verbosity
b) Using Windows Eyes
Q. Consider that you want to handle two-phase or global transactions between two WebLogic server domains. Can messaging bridge handle this?
Yes, this is supported.

Q. How can messaging bridge debugging be enabled?
There are two ways to do it:
a) Edit WebLogic start script and add the following just before the Serverline:
b) Edit the xml filefor the server that the messaging bridge is running on and add the following to the ServerDebugentry:

Q. How can you monitor the messaging bridge without using the administration console?
Messaging bridge can be monitored using a run-time MBean called MessagingBridgeRuntimeMBeanthat is available for each bridge instance. It provides run-time MBeans snapshot information about domain resources.

Q. How can a messaging bridge automatically downgrade the QOS (quality of service) if ‘the Exactly-once service’ is not available on either the source or target bridge destination?
To do this, select the QOS Degradation Allowed check box on the Messaging Bridge > Configuration > General administration console page.

Q. How can the messaging bridge send to and receive from distributed destinations?
For a source as distributed destination, the bridge is pinned to one of the members as it connects to the destination and stays connected to that member until it reconnects.
The bridge will not receive messages from the other members of the distributed destination.

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