Christopher Lawrence

Posted on 4th March 2024

Until a while ago, organizations used to spend a lot of money and time to analyze the data by creating algorithms to analyze data. So it was a struggle for the companies to manage and analyze huge amounts of data. Hence, they started benefiting from IoT generated data where IoT does all the analysis of data, and they use algorithms system. These algorithms act as the central system of IoT, where data is converted into actionable insights.

List of some of the applications of IoT goes as follows:

  • Social analytics
  • Predictive Maintainance
  • Aquafarming
  • Precision farming etc.

The list of IoT analytics solutions are:

  •  IBM Watson IoT Platform, 
  •  Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics, 
  • Cisco Data Analytics,
  • AWS IoT Analytics,
  • Oracle Edge Analytics
  • Oracle Stream Analytics and
  •  SAP Analytics Cloud.

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