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1. What is Workday?  

Ans: Workdayis an enterprise business service software application that integrates human resources, payroll, finance, and purchasing.  It delivers these applications in a cloud model that allows people to work collaboratively in a real-time environment that is accessible to every member of Madison College.  PeopleSoft Student will not be impacted by this change.

2. What are the advantages of Workday?

Ans: Workday provides employees with more immediate access to data since transactions are real-time. Workday also offers greater flexibility. The reports that will be available to managers will give them more insight into their data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Employees will be able to view or run their own reports on demand rather than having to request a report and waiting for the results of that request. Employees will be able to access and manage their own HR benefit elections, address changes, dependent changes, withholding exemptions, absence requests and time tracking entries, to name a few.

3. How can get training on Workday?

Ans: Find training materials at the WORKDAY TRAINING & RESOURCES PAGE.

4. What kind of reporting will be available?

Ans: Workday will provide access to real-time, multi-dimensional reports and analytics with the ability to drill down to transaction-level details, and allow an employee or manager to take immediate action in Workday directly off any report or analytic. With Workday, reports give you access to relevant data in context, making the information actionable.

5. Who will have access to Workday? Can everyone generate reports? 

Ans: Access to Workday is determined by login credentials and settings.  All employees will have some level of access.  An individual’s level of access will determine which delivered reports and/or data they can view.

6. How do I keep informed of this initiative?

Ans: The best place to go for information is the Workday web page.

7. As an employee, why might I use Workday?

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Ans: Workday will be used differently by different groups of employees (i.e. FT Faculty vs. PT Faculty vs. PSRP employee).  Generally, based on your role, an employee will use Workday for self-service items such as benefit elections, address changes, dependent changes, withholding exemptions, time tracking, and absence requests.  For Finance, you will use Workday for travel authorizations and expense reimbursement.

8. Will I need to use Workday for any student-related academic information?

Ans: No.  Student, class, schedule and grade information will remain in the PeopleSoft Student System accessed using the current processes.

9. Workday HCM?

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management Workday Human Capital Management is the only application that unifies HR and Talent Management into a single system-of-record. And with embedded analytics, manager and employee self-service, and a user experience unlike any other enterprise application, Workday redefines what it means to manage a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

10. Key Features of Workday Human Capital Management


  1. Talent Management
  2. Time Tracking
  3. Payroll Solutions
  4. Goal Management
  5. Performance Management
  6. Succession Planning
  7. Career and Development Planning
  8. Payroll Co-Sourcing Services
  9. Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll

11. How much does Workday Human Capital Management cost? 

Ans: We have the following pricing information for Workday Human Capital Management.

Pricing model: One-time Licence, Subscription 

12. Who are the typical users of Workday Human Capital Management? 

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management has the following typical customers:
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business 

13. What languages does Workday Human Capital Management support? 

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management supports the following languages:

14. What type of pricing plans does Workday Human Capital Management offer?

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management has the following pricing plans:
One-time Licence, Subscription 

15. Does Workday Human Capital Management support mobile devices? 

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management supports the following devices:

  • iPhone-iPad 

16. Does Workday Human Capital Management offer an API?

Ans: No, Workday Human Capital Management does not have an API available. 

17. What other apps does Workday Human Capital Management integrate with? 

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management integrates with the following applications:

No information is available. 

18. What level of support does Workday Human Capital Management offer?

Ans: Workday Human Capital Management offers the following support options:
Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support 

WorkDay Vs SAP SuccessFactors

Feature WorkDay SuccessFactors
Pricing Quote based Complete payment at once/ Quote based
Applications Workforce optimization, activity planning, etc
Human resource management with financial tracking and workforce analytics
Platform Cloud-based solution SAAS enterprise solution
Integrations End to end integrations with various CRMs Can integrate with many connectors relating to HR and finance tools
Recruitment Via talent sourcing Recruiting tools available
Growth Workforce skill improvement Career and development planning
Performance Continual workforce performance management Centralized business management
Customer support Premium customer support Community support, and support through portals for customers
Training Online, virtual, classroom, etc ications, etc


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