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If you have been looking for TCS HR interview questions, your search is over. MindMajix content experts have curated and included the top 40 TCS HR interview questions and answers in this blog. This blog also contains information about the TCS HR interview process, tips to crack the TCS HR interviews, and FAQs in this blog. Check out this blog thoroughly, you will bag your dream job at TCS. 

TCS is a multinational corporation with offices in 46 countries worldwide. It employs over 6 lakh employees across 150 locations. TCS is part of the prestigious TATA group and provides its clients with a wide range of IT services and consulting. The main thing is that TCS company employs a unique location-independent agile methodology for developing software. 

Nailing a job in TCS is not a cakewalk. If you want to crack the TCS interview, you must prepare smartly. The TCS interview process includes technical interviews as well as HR interviews. Though both interviews are equally important, the HR interview is unique. You must answer very tricky and crucial questions intelligently in the HR round. Having this in mind, MindMajix content experts have curated this blog by including the top 40 TCS HR interview questions and answers.

This blog also bags the TCS HR interview process, tips to crack the interview process, and FAQs to help the aspirants of TCS interviews.

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TCS HR Interview Questions - Table of Content

Top 10 Frequently Asked TCS HR Interview Questions

  1. State a few services that TCS offers to its clients.
  2. Can you brief us about your key skills?
  3. Mention a few things that you know about TCS.
  4. Why do you wish to join TCS?
  5. What is the reason you leave your current job or left your last job?
  6. How do you generally handle rejections?
  7. What should be the essential qualities of a leader?
  8. How do you improve your abilities and skills?
  9. Which one would you mark as your most significant achievement?
  10. Where would you be in the next five years?

TCS HR Interview Process

1. Recruiter Connect

You can connect to recruiters at TCS through the careers page in TCS. In this portal, you will find details about walk-in drives and other job openings. First, you must sign up to create your profile on the career page. After that, you can fill in all your educational and experience details in the online application form. This portal provides regular updates about the TCS job openings and interview details.

2. Interview Rounds

  • Online Assessment

The online test has two sections and lasts one hour. One section is about testing your verbal as well as numerical abilities. Another section deals with testing your programming skills. In the first section, you must answer questions from number systems, data interpretation, statistics, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, etc.

In the programming section, you must answer questions about popular programming languages such as C, Java, C++, Python, etc. Also, you must answer questions from the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), data structures, etc.

  • Recruiter Phone Interview

Before attending the challenging technical rounds, you need to go through a preliminary phone interview. In this round, the interviewer will ask about your educational background and experiences at a glance. They will ask some fundamental questions about computer science and programming languages.

Based on your performance in this round, the interview team will allow you to attend the following rounds.

  • Technical Interview Rounds

There are usually two rounds of technical interviews. The two rounds are face-to-face. In the first round, the interviewers will ask questions about data structures, OOPs, algorithms, networks, operating systems, etc. The interview team will ask you to write codes for a few problems.

In the next round, you must face the interview team of senior developers and managers. The questions will come from the information that you put on your resume. Also, you need to discuss your previous experiences, projects worked on, achievements, etc. Besides, the team will evaluate your attitude, ability to face challenges, critical thinking, soft skills, and other essential qualities.

  • HR Interview

Though you have successfully passed the online assessment and technical interviews, it is essential to note that the HR round is no less important than other rounds in TCS. This is one of the crucial rounds, where you should be ready to answer questions that may sometimes go beyond your comfort zone. Besides, you must answer questions about your family and educational background, strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc.

3. After Interviews

Once the interview is over, you will get the results within 2-3 weeks. If selected, you will receive your offer letter soon.

4. Hired

If selected, you must attend the certificate verification process. The interview team will scrutinize your education certificates, previous experience certificates, and other certifications. After that, you will be given an ID card, joining kit, and other necessities before being attached to your team.

TCS HR Interview Questions

Next, we will go through the top 40 TCS HR interview questions and answers. We have divided the questions into two sections - Freshers and experienced. You can jump directly into the correct section based on your expertise level.

TCS HR Interview Questions for Freshers

1. Can you introduce yourself briefly?

It is the very first question that you need to answer. Interviewers ask this question to learn about you briefly and check your communication skills. So be conscious of your self-introduction because it will make the first impression. In the self-introduction, you can give a brief overview of your educational background, family background, milestones, experiences, and other vital points. Remember, do not extend your self-introduction for more than five minutes.

Moreover, you can follow the below pointers while introducing yourself.

  • Tell interviewers why you are interested in this role.
  • Speak naturally and be friendly. Do not sound artificial. Tell interviewers why you are interested in this role.
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2. Can you name the founders of TCS and tell two primary pieces of information about TCS?

  • Fakir Chand Kohli and JRD Tata are the founders of TCS.
  • TCS has its headquarters in Mumbai, India.
  • It is a company established in 1968.

3. State a few services that TCS offers to its clients.

TCS offers multiple services to its clients. Following is a list of a few services.

4. Are you aware of the recent achievements of TCS? If yes, could you list out a few?

Interviewers ask this question to determine your interest in TCS. So before attending the interview, thoroughly research the company and note down its recent achievements. Following are a few recent achievements of TCS.

  • TCS attained the ‘Best Indian Investment in France’ award in 2022. This award was issued by the prestigious ‘Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry’.
  • TCS was named the Microsoft ‘Supplier of the Year award in 2022. The company has won this award in the large supplier segment.

5. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest technological developments?

To answer this question, list the platforms you use to stay on track with technological updates.

  • You can mention the online blogs, journals, and magazines you read regularly.
  • Briefly describe the details of the workshops, seminars, and conferences you have attended recently.

6. Can you brief us about your key skills?

It is one of the crucial questions that interviewers ask. Smartly answering this question will help you score more marks in the interview. You only need to mention the skills that will be helpful for the role you are interviewed for. While elaborating on your skills, you must comment on how you will implement the skills for the role. Besides, you may show the certificates that you have achieved so far. If you have experience, you can elaborate on how you applied your skills in your previous projects and their outcomes.

7. What are your major strengths, and how did they help in the past?

The HR team asks this question to know what you have gained throughout your career. This is the question you can use to highlight your strengths to interviewers. Before answering this question, be sure about your strengths. While discussing your strengths, comment on how the strengths have helped in the past. Whether in academics or work, you can elaborate on how your strengths helped you gain good results.

Ensure that the strengths you refer to are specific and relevant to the role. If you are attending the interview for a software developer role, you can mention your strengths, such as effective planning, analytical and problem-solving skills, your ability to learn quickly, and so on.

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8. State if you have any weaknesses.

You must answer this question tactfully. Be careful while describing your weaknesses. It shouldn't create any negative impressions. Talk about your action plans to overcome the shortcomings and improvements you have made so far.

You can refer to some common weaknesses that everyone typically has as follows

  • Poor time management
  • Overconfident
  • Interest in multitasking
  • Stress about deadlines
  • Setting attainable goals

9. Mention a few things that you know about TCS.

Interviewers ask this question to estimate your interest in TCS. So, you must do good research about TCS before the big day.

The following pointers will help answer this question in the best manner possible.

  • Learn the vision, core values, mission, company principles, and leadership principles of TCS.
  • Know the key clients of TCS, its income and profits in the past quarter, competitors, recently achieved awards and achievements, etc.
  • Identify the technologies TCS is currently using to offer services to its clients.
  • Name a few significant countries where TCS has offices.
  • Also, learn about employee programs, community programs like CSR activities, and other social activities.

10. Are you a sound team player? If yes, how will you justify this?

Obviously, you will answer 'yes' to this question. But interviewers ask this question to know how you have played as an effective team player in the past. So, while answering this question, tell the stories of how you played as a strong team player in your school, college, or workplace and how you helped resolve issues. You can also convey how you helped other team members or friends, motivated them, played a significant role in their success, and so on.

11. Why do you wish to join TCS?

This is yet another crucial question. The HR team asks this question to decipher your interest in joining TCS. You can answer this question using the following tips:

  • Mention the values of TCS.
  • Company’s work culture and positive work environment
  • Opportunities for career growth
  • Refer to the principles of TCS
  • Work-life balance

Moreover, you can also mention how the vision of TCS aligns with your career goals.

12. Which one is the motivating factor that makes you perform better in your job?

You can answer this question by indicating one or more factors that trigger you to perform better. It could be anything, such as appreciation of seniors, awards, results, promotions, etc.

13. What would be your choice if you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

This is the question interviewers ask to measure your self-esteem and confidence level. So, you need to answer this question by replying with the maximum rating. You must also justify the rating by mentioning your skills and strengths.

14. Do you have any difficulty working weekends and nights?

This is one of the crucial questions interviewers ask to test your integrity. TCS is a company that operates in multiple countries. Depending on the demands, some roles might need to work weekends and nights.

Therefore, you need to answer this question sincerely. If you have difficulties working nights and weekends, you must convey it to interviewers openly. It will show your integrity and allow the company to make decisions accordingly.

15. Why should TCS employ you?

It’s a tricky question. You must answer this question smartly. The following pointers will help you to answer this question effectively.

  • Explain how your skills and expertise match the role you are being interviewed for.
  • Describe how this role will be a platform to implement your talents and bring out the best results.
  • Speak about your achievements and how to continue them in the new role.
  • TCS offers services for multiple clients in different domains. You can mention that you are a quick learner so you can work on various projects in line with the company.

16. Are you ready to relocate?

It is a very crucial question. TCS asks this question as they operate all over India and other countries. There might be chances that you would move to different locations. So, you must answer this question based on your situation.

Of course! Relocation is closely connected with one's personal and family situations. So while answering this question, be genuine and do not give any false assurances. If you are unwilling to relocate, communicate it openly. You can ask for ‘Work From Home’ if you dislike relocating.

17. What would be your expectations from TCS if you were selected?

The HR team asks this question to ensure whether you are a good fit for this role or not. You can openly answer this question. You can reply that you need a solid platform to implement your skills. And you can say that you will achieve it in TCS. Also, you can ask for constant encouragement and motivation from leads and managers to reach your career goals.

18. What would be your response if TCS doesn’t select you?

It is a behavioral question that Interviewers ask to see how you respond to negative or unexpected scenarios. So, you must answer this question positively. You can say that you will try your luck again next time. And you would prepare for the interview better the next time.

19. Can you share your career goals?

Interviewers ask this question to know your abilities, thought process, and confidence level. They wish to see the depth and profoundness of your goals. So, dream big about your career. But at the same time, ensure the goals are reachable.

20. Do you have questions to ask us?

HR team usually asks this question at the end of the interview to ensure how you have been involved throughout the interview process. And they want to know how much you are interested in learning about TCS further. So, consider the following points to answer this question.

You can ask about the following

  • Your performance in the interview.
  • Ask for extra information related to culture, company values, etc.
  • Whether you will go through any training
  • Ask for more details about the role you are being interviewed for
  • Ask questions about recent press releases and the achievements of TCS
  • Ask about the additional responsibilities that you may need to take on.

TCS HR Interview Questions for Experienced

21. Can you share the memorable experiences that you had at your previous workplaces?

You can answer this question by specifying the key projects you worked on, challenges faced, achievements, etc. You can also mention what you have learned from the challenges. You can also comment on how your idea or skill significantly helped the project's success.

22. If you have managed teams before, can you share a few experiences?

The HR team asks this question to determine your collaboration skills and ability to deal with people. While answering this question, you can elaborately speak about your leadership journey. 

Further, you can remember the following points.

  • Briefly describe why you have been promoted to lead or manager, and what qualities helped elevate you to that role.
  • Describe what projects you have managed, how you executed them with the support of your teams, and your contribution level.
  • Be specific about how you handled your team members’ concerns actively.

23. What is the reason you leave your current job or left your last job?

It is one of the crucial questions that you need to answer carefully. If you answer wrongly to this question, it could create a negative image about you to interviewers.

You can consider the following points to answer this question.

  • Your interest in taking more responsibility
  • Interest in taking more challenges to explore new dimensions of your abilities and skills
  • You have reached the optimum level of performance in your current role.

24. Can you list the critical decisions that you have taken so far?

It is an excellent question that can help you showcase your decision-making skills and leadership qualities. You can tell why you have chosen your degree and career. Also, you can list the critical decisions you have taken in your past work history. Mainly, discuss only the decisions that produced positive results.

25. Can you state your significant achievements in your career?

This is one of the good questions that you can use to impress interviewers in the best way. You can elaborate on all the achievements that you have done so far in your career. Along with that, you can show relevant proof to impress interviewers.

26. How do you generally handle rejections?

This is a tricky question. You need to answer this question cleverly. Interviewers ask this question to test your attitude towards failure and setbacks. They want to test your resilience and ability to bounce back. You can answer this question in such a way that you will take rejections as an opportunity to make a self-analysis and identify the areas to improve. Responding this way will impress interviewers because you handle failures and setbacks positively. Also, you can say that you will create an action plan to overcome rejections in the future.

27. Explain a situation where you were asked to do a task you didn't want.

This is the question that interviewers ask to test your willingness to accept tasks in inevitable situations. Sometimes, you might need to take on specific tasks unexpectedly for unavoidable reasons. So you must be willing to accept the tasks even though you don't like them for the sake of your team and company. 

If you answer this question by briefing the same situations you have faced in your previous companies and how you handled them positively, it will impress interviewers.

28. State a few things that make you different from your competitors.

It is an excellent question that you can use to score more credits. You can use the below hints to answer this question.

  • As you are an experienced candidate, you can mention your experience as one of the critical points.
  • Talk about your expertise in specific areas
  • Comment on the achievements and awards that you have gained
  • State your unique qualities, such as your ability to stretch, energy level, attention to detail, ability to handle challenging projects, etc.

29. What should be the essential qualities of a leader?

Following are the five most-essential qualities - a leader must inevitably possess.

Passion: A good leader is enthusiastic and passionate about every activity they do. Leaders must always trigger their team members to perform better. As a consequence, they could spread their energy across teams.

Respect: Good leaders respect everybody regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, etc. Mutual respect improves cohesiveness among team members and leads to success, undoubtedly.

Open-mind: Leaders must be open to listening to the ideas and suggestions offered by their team members. This attitude will encourage the team members to come up with more input. Therefore, they will play a pivotal role in the team's success.

Empathy: It is one of the vital essential qualities that every leader must have. A good leader must understand the pluses and minuses of every team member accurately. They must feel their team members' difficulties and come forward to solve them voluntarily.

Integrity: Leaders must show absolute integrity. Then only team members come forward to approach leaders with complete trust and find solutions to their issues. It improves reliability among team members and also boosts confidence levels.

30. Briefly describe your most challenging decision in the past.

Interviewers ask this question to test your decision-making skills. You can mention the most challenging decision you made in academics or career. It is essential to note that the consequences of your decision might have resulted in positive effects.

31. What are the techniques that you use to manage your stress?

This is one of the general questions. You can answer the question by mentioning your stress management methods. You may walk, listen to music, do workouts, or do any other activity to relieve stress. You can state any past incident that created stress and how you have effectively overcome the stress that event created. Answering this way adds value to the answer and makes it specific.

32. How do you improve your abilities and skills?

This is yet another general type of question. You can address this question by indicating the kinds of courses you complete periodically, the skill development programs you attend regularly, and so on.

33. Can you share the experience of your greatest failure?

It is one of the crucial questions. Interviewers want to know how you approach your failures and your attitude toward them. You can speak about the worst failure you have faced in academics or your career. And you can mention why it happened and how you managed the failure. Mainly, you need to state your action plan to avoid failures in the future.

34. Why are you switching jobs frequently?

HR team asks this question if you have changed your jobs in short spans. It is a tricky question. You must answer this question carefully. Usually following are a few reasons why people switch jobs frequently.

  • inadequate learning opportunities, 
  • lack of a proper platform to implement your skills
  • poor cooperation 

35. Briefly describe your idea of an ideal workplace.

You can answer this question by describing your idea of an ideal workplace. The following points will help answer this question.

  • Good cooperation will always be there. 
  • There would be rewards and awards for achievements
  • Leaders would be encouraging and empathetic
  • It will provide opportunities for learning

36. If you have fired any of your team members in the past, can you describe the situation and why you made that decision?

This is one of the crucial questions which you must answer carefully. You must justify why you have arrived at that inevitable situation and made that decision. And you must elaborate on why that decision was necessary for the benefit of your team and organization. You must explain how it would harm the organization if that decision were not taken.

You must clarify that you didn’t take that decision simply because of your ego or other personal motives.

37. Which one would you mark as your most significant achievement?

It is a good question that you can use to impress your interviewers. Keep in mind the following pointers.

  • Speak about your most significant achievement.
  • If it is the recent one, it would be fine. If you speak about your achievements in school or college, it won't have a significant impact.
  • If any of the skills or qualities that helped you achieve that most significant achievement connects with the role you are being interviewed for, it will help to ace the interview easily.

38. Explain how you usually handle criticism.

It is a general question. You must show yourself as someone who is always open to receiving criticism and taking it as a chance to learn and grow. Instead of replying that you will take criticism positively, you should mention how you have encountered and gained positive results from criticism in the past.

39. How do you manage conflicts with your manager or superior?

It is one of the behavioral questions. You can answer this question this way: If you have any conflict with my manager or lead, you will resolve them by simply having a one-on-one discussion. Before having the discussion, you will thoroughly analyze the causes of the conflict. It will help to discuss with your lead or manage effectively.

40. Where would you be in the next five years?

It is the question that the HR team asks to decipher your thought process and learn your career plan. They want to know how far you want to grow and succeed. You must craft your answer intelligently to showcase yourself as a goal-oriented candidate with high self-esteem. You can mention your short-term and long-term goals and why you set them.

Tips to Crack TCS HR Interview Process

Well! Learning the interview questions and answers is not enough to crack the TCS HR interview. There are a few helpful tips that you must learn to hit the target.

Let’s take a look at them in the following.

#Tip 1 - Craft the Perfect Resume.

Preparing the perfect all-in-one resume makes a good first impression. Your resume must be concise and cover all the essential information about your skills, certifications, experiences, etc. Mainly, you must tailor your resume to be attractive, error-free, and informative. If you need, you can add visuals to simplify presenting the information.

#Tip 2 - Show interest in TCS.

TCS is one of the giants in the IT industry. There are a lot of activities and programs going on every day. So you must do thorough research about TCS before attending your interview. Mainly, you must know about the recent awards and achievements TCS has gained.

#Tip 3 - Show your confidence

For every question, you must show your confidence and enthusiasm at a decent level. This is the quality that interviewers expect from candidates. Replying with a correct answer is not just enough to impress interviewers. Expressing it in the right way with confidence is the main thing. So have confidence and express it in every answer you deliver.

#Tip 4 - Stay calm and relaxed.

Interviewers may test your balance in many ways. So, you must be calm and relaxed in all situations. Answer all critical questions politely but, at the same time, tactfully. There might be a few questions that interviewers ask to test you as to how you manage stressful situations and keep your rhythm without any slight change.

Most commonly asked TCS HR FAQs

1. What types of questions are asked in a TCS HR interview?

Interviewers mainly ask about the details of your resume, your interest in TCS, your strengths and weaknesses, and so on. Also, they will ask many behavioral and situational questions.

2. Is the TCS HR interview tough?

Not at all. TCS conducts the HR interview since you have cleared the technical interviews. So nailing the HR interview will be easy if you prepare smartly.

3. How to crack TCS HR interviews easily?

You must prepare consistently. You must prepare yourself to face behavioral-type questions cleverly. You should develop soft skills such as effective presentation, flawless communication, and seamless team interaction to impress interviewers. You can also practice mock interviews to ace the interview easily.

4. Can I rejoin TCS after five years?

TCS doesn’t encourage re-hiring. They wish to recruit freshers all the time.

5. Why should I choose TCS?

TCS is a pioneer in the IT industry. It offers various types of services and consultations to its clients. TCS will be an excellent platform to learn more and scale up your knowledge and skills.

6. What is the duration of completing the TCS interview?

As the TCS interview has three rounds, it will take 1- 2 weeks to complete.

7. How often does TCS offer a hike to its employees?

TCS hikes salary once a year.

8. What is the best thing about working at TCS?

You can learn and grow rapidly with TCS. Working with teams would be fun and motivating.

9. Is TCS encouraging working remotely?

Yes. It encourages working remotely.

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In summary, you have gone through the TCS HR interview process, questions and answers, tips to crack the interview, and FAQs in this blog. However, dig deeper into your attitude, soft skills, critical thinking, etc., to crack the interview effortlessly. We hope this blog has boosted your confidence to courageously attend your TCS HR interview.

The main thing is that you can reach the HR round only if you clear the technical rounds. So you need to polish your technical expertise to clear the technical interviews. MindMajix offers online training to learn various cutting-edge technologies. You can use the courses and get certification to land your dream job in TCS.

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