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PeopleSoft vs Workday - Which One is Better?

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What Is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is a set of applications that organizations from large to mid-sized integrate as a workforce management solution. The Oracle software product line owns PeopleSoft software. This was originally designed for human resources support and finance, but later on, it went on to inculcate more tools and applications for general business operations.

Uses of PeopleSoft include different management aspects like materials, communications, and payroll management. PeopleSoft software applications are magnificently used to manage human resources through human resources management systems( HRMS), customer relationships through customer relationship management systems (CRM), financial and supply chains through financial and supply chain management systems(FSCM), and enterprise performance through enterprise performance management systems(EPM).

PeopleSoft Architecture

What is Workday?

Workday is cloud-based application software, typically designed and developed to manage enterprise human capital management, resource planning, and financial management applications. Because of its multiple features, every organization, despite its size, uses Workday for the business. Human Capital Management refers to the functions included in Human Resources management like developing, recruiting, and automating human resources.

As there are different functionalities and operations to work on in multiple departments, the teams rely on Workday software to enhance the organization's performance and development. So, Workday has mostly been used in planning and implementation work strategies for running a business successfully. Depending on the type of organization, the best suitable tool is selected. For instance, if it is a Human Resources related organization, the Workday tool that best suits is Human capital management and Resource planning.

Workday Architecture

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Why PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft system is worth the investment as it immediately transforms digital technology's power to operations. By reducing overhead installations, users can save almost 30-70% on their data center costs. PeopleSoft is a leading growth strategy among today's businesses because of its digital transformation.

Cycle of PeopleSoft

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Why Workday?

In the year 2014, a customized reporting tool of Workday was released. It provided various multidimensional analyses such as operational, financial, and reporting analyses specifically designed for large enterprises. The same year, Workday recruiting was released by the vendor. Later, the applications launched in 2016 allowed workday users to apply machine learning and predictive analysis to financial data and workday HCM. This workday planning, budgeting, and forecasting helps in unifying the HR Financial planning and analytics according to the vendor.

In the same year, i.e.,2016 the IBM cloud was adopted for software testing and development. Workday works on a single cloud-based database for both HCM and financials to provide a better ERP System. The other components of HCM such as finance and talent management are also added to its suite. Later on, various versions were released for specialized markets such as higher education and for the government institutions as well.

Why Workday

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What is Human Capital Management (HCM)?

Human capital management (HCM) is the set of rules every organization uses for optimizing, developing, managing, and recruiting employees to improve the company's performance. HCM helps in carrying out the significant operations of an organization, i.e., its people. The HCM platform includes all the activities right from hiring an employee to retaining them.

It is also used in managing all the HR activities like Human Capital Management, Financial management, planning, performance management, etc. HCM is best suitable for almost all kinds of businesses and companies with multiple locations and is a one-stop solution for on boarding, recruiting, benefits, time off and analytics, compensation benchmarking, etc. HCM provides a user-friendly platform with global system software offering the latest version to the customers on the browser and the mobile as well.

Understanding of HCM

Human Capital Management

PeopleSoft Vs. Workday: PROs

  People SoftWorkday

1. Good interface

2. Frequent updates of the solution

3. It is a customizable product customized according to one's needs.

4. It can be used to configure the Chart of Accounts for all performance insights.

5. It offers great help for its users to deal with their supply chain.

6. The solution derived is easy to scale and expand.


1. Ease of reporting

2. Enables a person to take action on their own.

3. It allows to automate or set up the tool and the integration with the provider.

4. It does not offer backend database access.

5. Granting security rights and roles is easy, which benefits the administrator.

6. The reporting feature is easy to use and can be accessed even by a layman.

Workday Analysis

PeopleSoft Vs. Workday: CONs

  People SoftWorkday

1. Comparatively, PeopleSoft is less expensive.

2. Not much flexible with the configuration.

3. Comparatively complex with the initial setup.

4. Response time is high.

5. With low scalability, performance and resilience are poor.

6. Infrastructure is not stable.


1. It is very expensive.

2. The security console and user experience are not so good.

3. The interface is not interactive.

4. It does not provide a Troubleshooting Guide to deal with troubleshooting issues.

5. Implementation is not smoother as expected.

6. It is not easy to solve the technical issues like the correct information of the database is not provided.

Common Features of PeopleSoft and Workday

#1: Functionality

The functionality of Workday for the manager and employee self-service is robust as it involves mobile applications. Workday provides high compatibility for companies having remote workers or frequently traveling employees. Global payroll functionality also adds to its advantages. 
PeopleSoft provides services globally to multinational companies. With its global payroll function, it becomes easy for the companies to deliver their operations across the globe.

#2: Deployment

As Workday provides a cloud-based solution, implementation can take a few months rather than years. It also provides the latest version to the users since the functionalities are automatically upgraded. Ownership cost is very low. PeopleSoft delivers cloud-based deployment. It also provides an application that permits businesses to modify their system as per the specific requirements of the industry. Though this modification gives several installation options, it increases the complexity level as well. This changing, updating, or eradicating the earlier systems could be an expensive procedure for the companies.

#3: Support

Both Workday and PeopleSoft are used by the customers to search for a solution and get the documentation through online web gateways. A Workday is a software as well as a service product providing continuous support to its users by automatically updating mostly two times in a year, whereas in PeopleSoft, updates depend on their IT departments to manage and apply patches.

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Benefits of Workday

  • Workday is a single version tool used to meet various business requirements. Based on the requirement, pt can also be integrated with a large number of business systems and applications.
  • With Workday, it is easy even for a Layman to complete their tasks as it does not involve any expertise requirement.
  • The customer does not have to face troublesome and complex upgrades while using this software, as updates are automatic.
  • Provides high security and integrity of the organization's data besides providing a secure data center and protection against various security threats.
  • Workday offers a flexible pricing structure.

Benefits of PeopleSoft

  • PeopleSoft streamlines the process to increase productivity and efficiency and to decrease costs.
  • Various HR operations, including the recruitment and management of employees and workforce requirements, can be managed easily through the PeopleSoft solution.
  • For the global marketplace requirements, the business metrics and strengthening of policies are covered by the cloud-based software. The security system provides data confidentiality and high privacy.
  • The workforce management system manages employee details, thereby saving a lot of time and helping increase employees' productivity.
  • Monitoring Management and Labor rules are offered by PeopleSoft; this improves productivity without affecting the costs of managing the workforce. 
  • The talent management feature such as planning, recruiting, learning, and development is provided, and it helps in focusing on the accomplishment of the company's goal and also on career development. 

Market Share

Both Workday and PeopleSoft are capable of providing HCM (Human Capital Management) and various services that deliver a complete solution. Presently, Workday's Human resource management system shares more than ten percent(10%) of the market's share. PeopleSoft is being used by more than six thousand(60000) customers as it is a verified technology. PeopleSoft provides better solutions for various organizations that include larger customers from different areas such as education, manufacturing, and also for government institutions. Workday also targets educational institution clients targeting smaller and medium-sized clients and even pharmaceutical companies.

Workday Market Share

PeopleSoft Market Share

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The Workday is a well-established platform developed with a vision for the modern workforce and their technology to fit in the latest IT needs and trends. The ERP can be replaced with Workday for HR and finance management. Because of its continuous updates, it became the most preferred choice among different companies. Contrarily, PeopleSoft provides the best solution for the most complex business needs. When it comes to market presence and end-to-end functionality, PeopleSoft provides the best results. But the installation is a very complex procedure. Although PeopleSoft offers many functionalities and on-the-go solutions, many businesses are opting for the Workday software solution. Thus depending on the type of organization and its goals and strategy, one has to carefully decide as to which of this software is best suitable for their business.

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