NetSuite Training Overview

Mindmajix’s NetSuite Training will help you get the most out of NetSuite, enabling you to solve business problems and improve operations. In this NetSuite Certification course, you’ll master core areas of NetSuite such as ERP/Financials, CRM, eCommerce, SuiteBuilder, and much more related to NetSuite. To push your career forward, our trainers equip you with valuable skills that are suitable for both beginners and experienced learners. By the time when you finish this NetSuite online course, as a trained NetSuite professional, you can start using/customizing this tool according to your or your organization needs.

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Course Coverage

Course Includes

Live Training

15 Hours of Sessions

Lab Sessions

15 Hours of Labs

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedules

FREE Demo on Request

FREE Demo on Request

24/7 Lifetime Support

24/7 Lifetime Support

One-on-One Doubt Clearing Sessions

One-on-One Doubt Clearing

Certification Assistance

Certification Oriented Curriculum

Two Real-time Project Use cases

Real-time Project Use cases

NetSuite Course Content

The Netsuite Training course content at Mindmajix has been designed by Netsuite professionals who have substantial real-time experience in Netsuite. Netsuite syllabus covers all the essential concepts to meet current industry needs and also useful for clearing various Netsuite certifications. This course content would ease up your journey in becoming a NetSuite professional. You will find the complete NetSuite course details below.


NetSuite Basics

Learn NetSuite navigation through this NetSuite Training Course Module, which discusses everything that any new user has to undertake.

  • Overview
  • Navigations

SuiteBuilder (Customization)

This NetSuite Certification Course module discusses how to customize NetSuite application forms, fields, and records using NetSuite.

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Forms
  •  Custom Records

SavedSearches and Reports

This online NetSuite training module will teach everything about SuiteAnalytics using lectures and hands-on exercises focusing on reports, saved searches and key performance metrics.

  • Saved searches
  • Understanding standard reports
  • building custom reports
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Hands on NetSuite Training Projects

Our NetSuite Training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach. Such exposure to the current industry use-cases and scenarios will help learners scale up their skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.

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Training Options

Choose your own comfortable learning experience.


15 hrs of E-Learning Videos


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  • 15 sessions of complete course
  • Learn technology at your own pace
  • Get lifetime access for the videos
  • Latest version curriculum covered
  • 24x7 learner assistance
  • Post sales support by our community
  • Includes practical-oriented session

Live Online

15 hrs of Remote Classes in Zoom/Google meet



Start - End



Oct 20 - Nov 04

07:30 PM EST


Oct 23 - Nov 07

08:00 PM EST


Oct 26 - Nov 10

07:30 PM EST


Oct 30 - Nov 14

08:00 PM EST

  • + Includes Self-Paced

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  • Live demonstration of features and practicals.
  • Schedule your sessions at your comfortable timings.
  • Instructor led training with practical lab sessions.
  • Real time projects and certification guidance.

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For Corporates

Be ready with the skills before the industry adopts the technology.

Corporate Training

  • Choose mode that best suits your convenience, time, and budget from Self-Paced, Live Instructor-led Online, or Classroom modes
  • Engage in complete practical demonstration, discussions,and exercises based on practical use cases
  • Have a schedule that is convenient as per your work schedule and time zone
  • Gain industry insights during the training delivered by insdustry experts
  • Customize the course scope as per your project requirements
  • Gain complete guidance on obtaining a certification

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NetSuite Course Reviews



It was a great experience to undergo and get certified in the NetSuite Course from Mindmajix. As a working professional, it has not only given me an exposure to the domain, but also helped me learn cross technologies and develop an inclination towards it. Thanks Mindmajix and team! Pleasure being an associate.


Garima Shrivastava

Netsuite Functional Consultant



I enrolled with Mindmajix for NetSuite online training. The training was excellent and well-executed by the trainer. Materials and online training videos are great. You can upgrade your skills without attending face to face sessions. I have done my certification also after taking the training here. Thanks for everything.


Tijo Joy

Implementation Manager



It was a wonderful learning experience. Trainer's knowledge is impressive, and great teaching capability. The Netsuite course content is great. The session was interactive which was very good. I have gained in-depth knowledge on all the concepts of NetSuite. Thanks for everything Mindmajix.


Murali Achanta

Solutions Architect

Know your trainer. Learn from the real time working experts.

Our Instructor

Specialist inNetSuite Technical, CoreJava, Javascript
DescriptionWith 5+ years of experience in training and nine years of working experience, Kranthi is a certified professional, has trained more than 300+ students and delivered seven corporate firms with live online sessions worldwide.

Job Assistance program

Your intent to master next level skills are appreciated

We take pride in being part of 4 lakh plus career transitions worldwide

Post Training - Access to Premium Features

Career Counseling Sessions

Once you know the skills, we recommended you understand the eligible job roles, scope, and opportunities.

Mock Interviews

Explore what the real-time interviews expect from you.

Custom Resume Builder Access

We got a resume builder to help you prepare the best resume to win the first impression for recruiters.

Privileged Community Support

We make sure to address any real-time challenges our alumni face during their careers through our community platform.

Life-Time Self-Paced Videos Access

Applicable for Live-Online learning mode. Provides a set of self-paced videos to recap the subject whenever/wherever you need.

Quizzes To Scale

Get access to our Quiz from the LMS to scale your knowledge.

NetSuite Training Objectives

Who should opt for this NetSuite Course?

Anyone who is interested in learning Netsuite can opt for this NetSuite course. Profiles from ERP and NetSuite background highly benefit from learning this course.

Is there any prerequisite to take up this NetSuite Certification Training?

There is no specific prerequisite to take up this NetSuite Certification Training. Our trainers cover every concept from introduction to help you understand easily.

About NetSuite Course

NetSuite encompasses a range of products, and there is an enormous demand for NetSuite professionals with the right skills. Mindmajix offers the best NetSuite course, enabling consultants, developers and administrators to expand their skillset into NetSuite. Our instructors will lead you through hands-on labs and you’ll be able to test your skills through practice tests and exercises. Upon completion of this NetSuite course, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion to share your expertise with your professional network and potential employers.

Why should you learn this NetSuite Course?

NetSuite is one of the top business management solutions right now. Investing in developing your NetSuite skills is good for your career.

  • Gartner ranked Netsuite as a leader for Cloud Core Financial Management Systems. 
  • Cloud roles are among the top 10 most in-demand IT roles for 2021
  • NetSuite Developers make an average of $121,471 per annum - ZipRecruiter.

So upgrading skills in NetSuite will be a springboard for success. This NetSuite Course is a great way to gain expertise on the world’s leading business management suite that’s in high demand across businesses of all sizes.

What are the objectives of this NetSuite Online Training?

The main objective of this NetSuite Online Training is to build the in-demand NetSuite Skills to elevate your career and solve the challenges of the future. You’ll be exposed to various NetSuite tools and techniques, and extensive project experience to make you job-ready. You’ll also be prepared for the most sought-after NetSuite Certification with this training.

What will you learn in this NetSuite training?

After completing our training, the learners will be able to:

  • Understand Oracle NetSuite Core Functionality 
  • Learn the fundamentals of NetSuite
  • Implement SuiteAnalytics and Implement SuiteCloud Partner 
  • Analyzing the Operational Performance
  • Financial Reports, Searches, and KPIs
  • Creating Saved Searches
  • Customization & SuiteCloud Development Tools
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Dashboard projects
  • Central tabs and menus

What NetSuite jobs will I be suited for after completing this NetSuite Online Training?

As a Mindmajix’s learner after completing this NetSuite Online Training, you’ll have the necessary skills to land your dream job. The jobs that are ideal for NetSuite trained professionals are:

  • NetSuite Developer
  • NetSuite Administrator
  • NetSuite Functional Consultant
  • NetSuite Technical Consultant
e-Learning experience


e-Learning experience

Trainers experience


Trainers experience

Global corporates


Global corporates

Professionals trained


Professionals trained

IT Courses


IT Courses


NetSuite Course Online FAQ's

Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you get two kinds of discounts. They are group discount and referral discount. Group discount is offered when you join as a group, and referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training.

Do Mindmajix accepts the course fees in installments?

Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

How Mindmajix’s Refund Policy works?

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within first 2 sessions of the training. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a unified business management suite, encompassing Financials/ERP, CRM and eCommerce. This flexible platform can be applied to a range of business applications. Many companies are turning towards NetSuite to take advantage of its capabilities.

What are the benefits of taking this NetSuite Training?

NetSuite is one of the most coveted skills for any ERP professionals to help get a higher salary and more impactful role. Companies find NetSuite as the most sought after medium to improve their business and performance with their customers.

This NetSuite Certification Training delivers significant benefits of using NetSuite with real-time insights and streamlined processes. The course helps you to expand your skill set and master NetSuite to confidently manage complex NetSuite problems.

Is NetSuite easy to learn?

Netsuite is quite easy to learn and can be understood in a short span of time. Our expert instructors will help you learn everything from Netsuite basics to certification opportunities. This will help you to use and setup NetSuite easily.

How long does it take to learn NetSuite?

The time to learn NetSuite varies depending on the experience of the individual. Our online training classes will help you learn Netsuite in just 15 hours, even without any experience. This is just an approximate time. You can check the course curriculum for more details.

Note: The time may vary depending on the training mode you choose (self-paced / Live Online).

What are the other NetSuite Courses that Mindmajix offer in the domain of NetSuite?

Mindmajix offers NetSuite Technical training along with NetSuite training.

Does Mindmajix provide any free learning sources for NetSuite?

Mindmajix offers plenty of sources to understand the basics of NetSuite such as:

What is NetSuite, NetSuite Tutorial, NetSuite Interview Questions, Netsuite Sandbox, and  ERP Tools

What are the NetSuite Certifications available?

NetSuite Certification is available for the administrator role and end-user role.

  1. Administrator Certification is available in multiple levels depending on your NetSuite Expertise:
  • SuiteFoundation Certification
  • Administrator Certification
  • ERP Consultant Certification
  • SuiteDeveloper II Certification

      2. User Certification is available in multiple levels depending on your NetSuite Expertise:

  • SuiteAnalytics User+
  • Financial User+

How much does NetSuite certification cost?

NetSuite offers various certifications depending on the level - Administrator and User.

Administrator Level exams include - 

  • NetSuite Administrator Certification
  • NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification
  • NetSuite SuiteFoundation Certification
  • NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer II Certification

All these Administrator-level NetSuite Certifications cost $250. A retake exam for those who fail is offered at $150. 

 User-level certifications include -

  • NetSuite Certified Financial User
  • NetSuite Certified SuiteAnalytics User

All these user-level Netsuite certifications cost $150. A retake exam for those who fail is offered at $150.

How do I get NetSuite certified?

To become NetSuite certified, follow the below steps:

  1. First, select the certification that’s right for your skilled set.
  2. Join NetSuite Training that strictly focuses on Certification exam preparation, like one that Mindmajix’s NetSuite Training delivers. 
  3. Gain hands-on practice by working on industry-specific projects.
  4. Register, pass, and get certified.

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