What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a platform that helps companies in designing, planning, delivering, operating, and controlling the services of information technology, or in simple words that supports ITSM. This is an amazing tool that helps in automating IT business management. 

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Why use ServiceNow?

There a lot of reasons that this technology has started winning the hearts of people around the world. Off-course! There is a complete bunch of reasons stating that this technology is astounding and unparalleled. Reports say that approximately 12,615 companies make use of this technology for smoothing the functions of their business’s other departments.

Let’s look at some of the reasons:-

  • It provides a single platform for everyone to make edits, alterations,  or changes into a program, reducing the time for downloading, processing, and uploading the file. Therefore, it elevates the efficiency of the workers, and hence, of the overall company. 
  • It assists your employees to perform even better. Thus, the performance of the services of the company improves.
  • The most important reason that it has collected the gazes and attention of all the businesses is its quality and reducing the ITSM cost. Now, how much cost does it reduce? It reduces capital investment on ITSM by up to 80%.
  • It assists in organizing the unplanned and unorganized work of the business. Hence, by using ServiceNow, employees can work more efficiently.
  • By integrating its tools, one can handle Email services automatically, making them more efficient. Better email and web services can lead to a satisfactory client base.
  • It helps in breaking and dividing the work into small fragments and therefore, assists in making the work easier. Moreover, other features and tools of ServiceNow can help in making the process smarter.  

ServiceNow Plugin

The software components which let the users make use of some specific functionalities and features within the  ServiceNow instance are known as Plugins. As it provides quite a huge number of services, the list of plugins available is also huge and seems never-ending. 

Most of the plugins are usually active by default on the Now platform, however, if there are some which can’t be activated then don’t worry, there are still a lot of options which you can choose in order to use them. Moreover, if you are not able to find some plugins then the plugins might need to be activated by the ServiceNow personnel.

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ServiceNow Versions

There is a huge history of the versions of the ServiceNow, which were used by the people. However, currently, there are 10 versions that are in trend and are used by the people, and Kingston is its latest version. Here are the names of the versions which are currently used:-

  • Aspen
  • Calgary
  • Berlin
  • Dublin
  • Fuji
  • Eureka
  • Geneva
  • Istanbul
  • Helsinki
  • Jakarta
  • Kingston
  • London
  • Madrid
  • New York 
  • Orlando 
  • Paris 


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ServiceNow workflow

You can use a drag-and-drop interface to make the multi-step processes automatic within a platform. Within every workflow, there are a number of activities. Moreover, to ease the understanding of workflow, there is also a graphical Workflow editor present which provides visual aids in the form of a flowchart.

From this workflow chart, the understanding of various transitions from one activity to another becomes clear as crystal, through the lines connecting boxes.

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As discussed, it provides very efficient support to the customers, and therefore, nurtures them. A study claims that satisfactory, the probability for a company to sell a new product to a satisfied customer is 60-70%, whereas, the probability lies near 20% for selling the same product to a new client or customer.

Therefore, the service of ServiceNow indirectly helps in increasing the revenue generation of the company. 

Another feature of the ServiceNow is its low price which charges for its maintenance. Most businesses are attracted to this cloud-based software due to tot the very same reason. This feature can help businesses in their cost-cutting. There is another feature of ServiceNow.

It secures the confidentiality of data without sacrificing the integrity of the workspace, and vice versa. 

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Who uses ServiceNow?

Now, as we have understood what is ServiceNow, its features, and what are its benefits, one must also know who can use it?

Within a company everyone can make use of this system, as this allows integration of all the departments, and lets the employees, IT support teamwork on the same platform.

Moreover, the administrator can also make use of this software in order to manage the requests made by services, and also to manage the work progress. 

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ServiceNow Products

  • IT Service Automation Application:

This tool of ServiceNow provides great transparency for the developers, in delivering the complex programs after developing them.

The developers are benefitted from its services as the tool reduces the time consumption for detecting the loss. The tool helps in finding disruptions of the system.

  • Business Management Applications:

IT business management is an amazing tool that helps in the execution of complex programs. Moreover, it helps the managers in knowing which area to focus on to accelerate the work speed. 

  • Custom Service Management:

One of the most important services that ServiceNow provides is the integration of the various departments through Customer support.

Therefore, if a customer files complaints then it becomes easy for every employee working in the industry that the complaint is relevant to which department and therefore, the corresponding department can make the required alterations or modifications.

Therefore, helps a company in keeping its customers satisfied and furthermore, helps it to nurture them. 

  • HR management:

This tool helps in improving the management of the HRs, and therefore, improves the satisfaction of the employees of the company by HR to understand the power and responsibility that an employee deserves, and hence, granting them the same.

It also improves HR efficiency by streamlining the transaction of the employees and increasing their salaries to give what they deserve. 

  • Enterprise Security Response Engine:

One can integrate this tool with the existing security services of the company and therefore, the data can be made confidential, and therefore, the security of the company can be ensured.

Thus, the security system can instantly respond to any attack on any incident and therefore any vulnerabilities can be strengthened against any potential attack that can harm or have an effect on business growth. 

How to get access to ServiceNow

To access any software completely, it is important to set up a complete environment. Therefore, one must download it from its official website. Thereafter, one needs to register an account by entering the personal details.   

Thereafter click on the submit button flashing on the bottom of the dialogue box. 

Thereafter you will get a message asking permission to activate the account, you need to give the permission (Off-course!) after that, as your account has been created you can just login into your account using the credential you have used to create an account. Now, you can access ServiceNow. 

Best Practices of using Service Now

We have to replace the emails and spreadsheets with collaborative workspaces.

Automating all the business processes should be the objective of the company.

Through ServiceNow, we must develop a contemporary work environment.

We should focus on structure, automate, and enhance the workflow to simplify the service delivery.


ServiceNow is a Software Platform that automates IT Business Management. It decreases the ITSM expenses by up to 60%. It allows Reporting and Real-Time Analysis. Service Now product collection includes Business Management, Custom Service Management. It helps every scale of industry in automating their business processes.