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Top 10 IT Management Tools

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IT Management Tools play the most critical role in every IT organization. Every IT Manager has to keep track of records of IT assets, services, projects, finance, and many more.

There are several IT Management tools or software available in the market for every requirement. So, I tried to list out Top10 IT Management Tools.

What is IT Management?

IT Management is a practice where all IT resources of an organization are maintained according to the requirements and priorities. These resources include tangible investments such as networks, software, data center facilities, hardware, and staff. Managing the responsibilities of an organization comprises many essential management functions such as staffing, organizing, budgeting, change management, and controlling with other aspects that are unique technology such as tech support, software design, network planning, etc.

Several management tools are required to manage IT resources: IT Service Management, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Financial Management, IT Governance, IT Configuration Management, and many more. It includes various tools to meet the requirements of every IT management.

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Let’s check out the List of Top 10 IT Management Tools. 

1. Apache Mesos

First on the list is Apache Mesos which is one of the best open-source tools used for cluster management and utilization for distributed applications in the IT world.

It runs on every machine and provides applications with API for resource management and scheduling across the entire data center and cloud environments.

Apache Mesos extracts storage, memory, CPU, and other computer resources away from machines, which enables fault tolerance and elastic distributed systems to be built and run effectively.


  • Mesos offers isolation between Linux and task containers.
  • It enables scalability over thousands of nodes.
  • It supports Python, C++, and Java APIs for developing new parallel applications.
  • It provides multi-resource scheduling.

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2. Device42

Device42 is an IT Infrastructure Management Tool that suites robust agent-less auto-discovery and application dependency mapping tools, an infrastructure management suite, full IT asset and inventory management, password management, IP address management, and many more.

It automates robust RESTful APIs that are used for favorite scripting platforms to build and manage documentation.


  • Device42 enables to build of customized visual layouts quickly.
  • It offers RESTful APIs to get the patch panel documentation under control quickly.
  • It allows users to discover all the network devices with SNMP automatically.
  • It provides multi-tenancy that makes controlling the access of a system easy.

3. Freshservice

Next on the list is Freshservice, which is an IT Asset and Project Management Tool, that helps the user to maintain records of software, hardware, and other assets.

It allows for tracking assets through different phases and can get the timeline at a glance. The assets can be grouped by created data, created type, and other parameters.

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Freshservice maintained a record of contracts with third-party vendors and was notified about approvals and expiries with Contract Scheduler.

It manages and tracks all the assets in a single view.

Using Asset Auto-discovery it identifies all the assets and scans automatically for all software and hardware assets.

It offers multiple services for different departments through a user-friendly service catalog that helps users to place and receive requests as per their needs.

4. Graphite 

Graphite is an open-source monitoring tool for viewing and storing time-series data. It allows the user to connect a Graphite installation and build dashboards to view and analyze the data. Graphite offers a simple interface and integrates easily with third-party tools. 


  • Grafana offers fast and flexible visualizations with multiple options to visualize the data.
  • It supports a huge number of databases and combines them in the same dashboard.
  • It empowers users and helps the data-driven culture.
  • It brings everyone together and shares data and dashboards across teams.

5. Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Next on the list is Microsoft SCOM, which is an IT Infrastructure Management Tool that provides infrastructure monitoring and helps to ensure the availability of vital applications and performance.

It offers comprehensive monitoring of the data center and cloud, both public and private. SCOM has evolved to monitor storage and network with Unix-based systems.


  • SCOM defines a data center with a comprehensive solution for storing, securing, networking, and computing.
  • It increases efficiency with automated workflow processes and self-service options.
  • It diagnoses and troubleshoots the infrastructure, application issues, and workloads to maintain high performance and reliability.
  • It manages and monitors the Windows Server, Unix, Linux, VMware, and Hyper-V.

6. NinjaRMM

NinjaRMM is a robust Remote Monitoring and Management Software that offers intuitive endpoint management software to IT professionals and Manage Service Providers (MSPs). It is incredibly easy to use, tools are clearly labeled, and the interface is easy to navigate.

NinjaRMM provides a complete set of tools to manage, secure, monitor, and develop network devices, workstations, laptops, MacOS devices, and Windows servers.


  • NinjaRMM provides Endpoint Management that is used to manage and monitor macOS and Windows, servers, and laptops. 
  • It offers Virtual Machine Management that helps to manage and monitor VMWare virtual machine guests and hosts.
  • It is capable of managing all the devices remotely without interrupting the end-user.
  •  With robust IT automation, it standardizes the management, deployment, and configuration of devices. 
  • It even automates the daily tasks and triggered scripts to maintain endpoints and to run.

7. Nimsoft

Nimsoft is an excellent Network Monitoring tool that IT organizations and service providers all over the world have to manage and optimize their systems and services.

It monitors and manages business services and specific systems within IT infrastructure that includes servers, applications, virtualized environments, network components, and servers. Nimsoft integrates monitoring and service management by unifying them to empower service providers and IT organizations more efficiently.


  • Nimsoft aims to provide a packed version of Nimsoft Monitor snap without any time limit.
  • It includes dashboards, alarms, and best practices.
  • Nimsoft Monitor snap is provided in Chinese, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese languages.
  • It helps to ensure potential problems are addressed quickly based on the impact to the business.

8. ServiceNow

Next is the most popular IT Service Management Tool, ServiceNow, which is best suited for managing assets' life cycles, tracking assets worth, and efficiently optimizing the usage of the existent asset inventory.

It covers both software and hardware assets. ServiceNow offers an additional product known as ServiceNow Asset Management, which provides an extended functionality set for IT Service Management.

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  • ServiceNow offers excellent transparency for developers in delivering complex programs.
  • It helps in finding the disruption that occurs in the software.
  • It provides integration of several departments through customer support.
  • It is the best tool that helps in the execution of complex programs and helps the managers to find out the areas to accelerate work speed.

9. SolarWinds

The second last in the list is SolarWinds, which is also an IT Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool that provides a comprehensive set of RMM tools to secure, improve, and maintain IT systems efficiently. It gives the service desk that includes requests, changes, incidents, and problem management.

It even offers an asset management tool that can map, discover, and manage software and hardware assets.

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  • Multi-vendor network monitoring to enhance performance and availability.
  • Automated capacity for reporting, alerting, and forecasting.
  • It can monitor public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.
  • A database analyzer is used to find, analyze, and optimize the performance of the database.
  • Multi-vendor network change and real-time configuration change management.

10. Vistara

Last on our list is Vistara, which is an IT Operations Management and IT Service Management Tool, that provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows.

It is a cloud management tool used to serve SMEs and Startups. The best feature of Vistara is that it maintains the record of all user's sessions, which offers an audit trail for tracking system changes and other events. It integrates with other monitoring tools, as well.


  • Vistara helps to monitor, discover, and manage all IT assets along with application and infrastructure monitoring, dashboards, historical data, and service maps.
  • It automates routine IT tasks and enables consistent execution at scale.
  • It centralizes the management of an IT environment with a secure remote console.
  • It is built with standard configuration and patch management processes that reduce future risks and enhance agility


With the advancement of technology, IT Management software can automate simple routine tasks, unifying software projects, managing projects, and maintaining records easily. As per the requirements, we need to choose the best IT Management Tool. However, the scenario of software development has transformed from technology to a user-friendly approach and even automates the routine tasks performed.


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