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Are you curious about ServiceNow integration with Jira? No worries! You have landed on the right blog. This blog discusses ServiceNow and Jira and their integration in greater detail. You will also learn the benefits of ServiceNow integration with Jira. More importantly, this blog provides the step-by-step procedure to integrate ServiceNow with Jira. You will gain good hands-on experience in ServiceNow integration with Jira if you complete the steps.

Undeniably, collaboration and quick communication between teams are the two essential things required for the smooth progress of software development, IT operations, and service. Yes! Teams must collaborate and communicate with speed, but at the same time, without compromising quality and costs. This is where the integration of tools comes in. It simplifies collaboration and triggers quick communication between teams. As a result, productivity is increased, and business outcomes are improved.

ServiceNow and Jira are the two famous tools widely used for agile project development. Integrating ServiceNow and Jira can speed up team communication, removing barriers altogether. This integration helps development, IT operations, service, and other teams work together, resolve quality issues, and reduce delivery delays.

Okay! This blog uncovers the importance and benefits of ServiceNow integration with Jira. Also, you will go through the step-by-step procedure to integrate ServiceNow with Jira in this blog. Ultimately, you will gain an excellent hands-on experience through this blog. Let’s jump in!

ServiceNow With Jira Integration - Table of Contents

What are ServiceNow and Jira?

ServiceNow is one of the cloud-based software that automates workflows and improves productivity. You can automate IT and customer service management, asset management, and more with ServiceNow. It speeds up business processes and boosts operational efficiency. As a result, you can reduce costs and enhance business outcomes.

On the other hand, Jira is a project management software with which you can track bugs and issues and resolve them quickly. It is the automation tool used by agile teams worldwide. In other words, Software development and IT service teams use Jira to improve operational efficiency. Besides, Jira seamlessly integrates with other tools saving time and improving productivity.

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What is ServiceNow Jira Integration?

Know that integrating ServiceNow with Jira is highly beneficial for agile development teams. This integration synchronizes records between ServiceNow and Jira. It means that it enables bidirectional dataflow between the tools.

Once you make this integration, the changes you make in any record will be instantly updated on another tool. To put it another way, if any update is made in ServiceNow, it will be updated in Jira immediately and vice-versa.

Further, ServiceNow integration with Jira helps to resolve customer issues quickly. You can view real-time updates of the project's progress at any time. This integration also allows the transfer of massive amounts of data between the tools. This integration lets you plan and track your tasks using a single tool. Overall, this integration automates IT and development activities and boosts productivity.

Benefits of ServiceNow Integration with Jira

No doubt, you can reap many benefits by integrating ServiceNow with Jira. Let’s go through them one by one in the following.

  • Leverages Automation: ServiceNow integration with Jira automates and accelerates communication between the tools. In other words, this integration completely eliminates manual efforts to transfer records between the tools. As a result, service tickets created in ServiceNow will be processed and resolved effectively.
  • Encourages Collaboration: This integration creates sound collaboration between service, IT, and development teams. So communication delays are avoided altogether, and issues are resolved sooner.
  • Improves Feasibility: This integration provides high feasibility to users. So, users can choose either ServiceNow or Jira based on their convenience. For example, service teams prefer the ServiceNow tool, whereas development teams prefer Jira. It is viable only because of the bidirectional data flow between the tools. So teams can experience frictionless IT operations and development processes all the time.
  • Enhanced Visibility: ServiceNow integration with Jira enhances visibility across the progress of tickets created in ServiceNow. In other words, you can tightly track the progress of tickets from its creation to closure with this integration. Therefore, you can identify the bottlenecks in processes and resolve them quickly.

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How to Set up ServiceNow and Jira integration?

Below is the step-by-step procedure for integrating ServiceNow with Jira. Let’s start now!

Step 1: First, download Jira software using this link Then click ‘Next’ to get started.

Download Jira

Step 2: You need to enter your name and email address to get the trial version of the Jira software. You will receive an Atlassian site address once you have entered all the personal details.

Step 3.  Now, you have access to Jira software and are ready to work with it. You can go to the ‘apps’ tab on the top of the page and click on it.

Discover Integration For Jira

Step 4: Click ‘find new apps’ in the left side menu. Then type ‘exalate jira issue sync and more’ in the search for apps field. It will be displayed in the list. Then select the app and click the ‘try for free’ button.

Exalate jira issue sync

Step 5: Next, type ServiceNow in the same field as you have done in the previous step. You can see a list of apps. You can select the ‘ServiceNow Jira 2-way integration’ tool. Then click the ‘try it for free’ button.

ServiceNow Jira 2-way integration

Step 6: Now, you can see the list of apps selected in the ‘Manage apps’ button.

Manage apps

Step 7: Now go to ‘connection’ under the Exalate category in the left side menu of Jira software. After that, click on the ‘initiate connection’ button.

Step 8: After that, you need to enter the destination URL in the given field. If you have the URL of the ServiceNow instance, you can enter the destination address of the same.

Destination URL

Step 9: Toggle on the switch near the field if you don't have the URL. Then click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 10: Now, you can enter the project name that needs to be synced with the opposite side. Then click the ‘initiate’ button at the bottom of the page.

Project Name

Project Name

Step 11: Copy the ‘invitation code’ to establish the connection between Jira and ServiceNow.

Invitation code

Step 12: Finally, you can see the connection between Jira and serviceNow, as shown below.

ServiceNow Jira integration successful

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Jira ServiceNow Integration FAQs

1. Is it easy to connect ServiceNow with Jira?

Of course! It is very easy to connect ServiceNow with Jira.

2. Name the three parts of a Jira workflow.

Transition, Status, and resolution are the three parts of a Jira workflow.

3. What is the significant benefit of ServiceNow integration with Jira?

This integration enables bidirectional dataflow and sync data instantly.

4. Is coding skill required to integrate ServiceNow with Jira?

Not at all! You don’t need coding skills to connect ServiceNow with Jira.

5. What type of API is used in ServiceNow?

REST API is used in ServiceNow.

6. Is Jira a sort of ITSM tool?

Absolutely. Jira is a typical ITSM tool. It supports entire IT operations and helps business teams to provide product support and delivery.

7. Mention the different types of integrations used in ServiceNow.

Inbound, data source, and outbound are some integrations available in ServiceNow.

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Well! You have gone through the step-by-step procedure to integrate ServiceNow with Jira. We hope you have achieved solid hands-on experience integrating ServiceNow with Jira. Moreover, you might have understood the benefits of ServiceNow integration with Jira. This blog has also given you a basic idea about integrating ServiceNow and Jira.

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