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ServiceNow vs Jira Service Management

This blog gives us apparent differences and similarities between ServiceNow and Jira Service Management, thereby reducing the confusion of which one best suits the organizational requirement.

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ServiceNow and Jira Service Management are tools built for ticketing frameworks. Most companies use these tools as complete field service management solutions. The most common feature among both platforms is their impact on usability, which is the wealth of integrations. With the growth of cloud computing platforms and products, easy connectivity to other business applications has become possible in many ways. 

Now let us compare the tools that might help one decide which ITSM software meets their business needs and demands and help make a better choice.

ServiceNow vs Jira - Table of Contents

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a software platform and is a cloud-based company providing technical management support using the software as a service (SaaS). This platform offers operations management (ITOM), IT services management (ITSM), and IT business management (ITBM). These operations are used to manage the teams, the projects, and customer interactions using different apps and plug-ins. ServiceNow is easily integrated with other tools, and it has an app store that offers tools from other third parties. VMware can perform AirWatch tasks from within the interface can be the best example for ServiceNow.

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What is Jira?

Jira is a software application that can deal with the issues of project management and tracking. Atlassian, an Australian-based software company, has developed Jira, which is now widely used by agile development teams to track stories, epics, bugs, and other tasks.

Migration of ITSM Software

Migration of the current ITSM solution to a newer version from an older version can be challenging. With the change in technology and requirements, many organizations find it challenging to change to a different software solution to meet their ITSM objectives. However, if the implementation is not done correctly, it could be a career-ending project for decision-makers. When any ITSM software solution is migrated to a completely different ITSM software solution, the standard incidents and requests are first thought to have a good process behind them until migrated to a new system. Once the customer starts using this solution, many loopholes are found.

Therefore, the methods are rebuilt instead of imported into a new ITSM software solution.

Comparison and Profile Checkup

Comparison and Profile Checkup


ServiceNow was launched in 2004 and was the first cloud-hosted service desk for a decade, offering a pre-built set of processes in ITIL service management. This software is a combined view of three concepts. They are the design, operation, and transition.

ITSM processes offered by ServiceNow are:

  • Service catalog
  • Configuration management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Knowledge management.

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management was upgraded to Jira software extension in 2013. The extension acts as a tracking system to track the tickets connecting IT and service teams with ITIL processes for

  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Request fulfillment
  • Problem management.
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Which one is the best and also cost-effective?

Many additional money and time expenses are borne on the usage optimization when buying a service desk platform.  Hence many users want to extract most right from the beginning when purchasing a solution. Many plugins and modules are added to expand the functionalities offered by both ServiceNow and Jira Service Management.


ServiceNow is a subscription-based solution that gives an option of a free trial for new users. At present, only the cloud version of this platform is available. The volume discount offered also depends on the number of users using this product. When an organization does not have developers, there will be a need to seek third-party assistance to set up the software. Also, when fewer agents are available, a partner-delivered solution is required. Most of the customers of ServiceNow are medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

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Jira Service Management

Jira provides a 7-day free trial to be extended upon request. The pricing plans for Jira are:

Standard usage - $20 user/month

Premium usage- $45 user/month.

There is no limit on the customers using Jira services, and they can access only the customer portal without restrictions. Customers can view the project level, view, create, and comment on issues internally. 

Features of Jira Service Management and ServiceNow

1. Better User Interface and easy-to-learn curve

The ServiceNow gives the UI an enterprise look, focusing mainly on ITIL. With this look, the users face the challenge of accessing it. With the admin console in Jira Service Management, customers feel Jira’s UI is visceral for the users to grasp it quickly. Jira Service Management is designed for IT professionals mainly, whereas ServiceNow interfaces can be used by everyone quickly. The learning curve of Jira Management is abrupt when compared to ServiceNow.

2. Platform Support

ServiceNow offers a  portal that the whole community can access and documentation of the product for its clients. Whereas Jira Service Management provides a developer portal and a community website.

3. Implementation Time

Any software implementation in any average industry takes approximately about 3.3 months. According to Service Desk Implementation Index Report, ServiceNow has 4.5 months for performance. Jira Service Management takes about 1.2 months the setup.

4. Application Program Interface and Integrations

ServiceNow and Jira Service Management provide well-documented APIs to build plug-ins and integrate the solutions with other apps. ServiceNow has several customized integrations, and Jira Service Management offers over 600 apps in the marketplace.

5. Updates

It is always exciting to have a software update that offers new features or performance improvements. Jira Service Management regularly offers updates irrespective of migration to its clients, whereas ServiceNow offers only two releases, and the update patches are released every March and September.

6. Enterprise High-Productivity App by ServiceNow

 Belonging to an ITSM SaaS platform, ServiceNow offers all its services on a single platform and focuses on everything right from workflow and integration to app support. It is one of the leading low-code application platforms. This approach helps businesses develop enterprise-grade apps that require minimum governance and offer high security, data protection, scalability, and reliability.

As ServiceNow targets B2E and B2B, it can be available on-premise. In addition, this service desk invests heavily in such features as Chatbots, Project management automation, AI, mobile, and more.

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Features and Capabilities of Jira Service Management

  • Value as an ITSM Platform: The benefits of Jira Service Management are improved collaboration, lower ITSM expenses, and reduced complexity.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Jira users save 80% of the cost compared to other platforms. Jira is well known for its transparent pricing model without expiring discounts or hidden fees.
  • Increased value with reduced complexity: The saving of ticket resolution cost is allowed and supported by Jira Service Management to improve customer service. Jira users have shifted 45% of the tickets to the self-service portal making the customer service very cost-effective. After migration, there is a gradual reduction in the number of service tickets raised by the users. Hence Jira Service Management provides better customer service at a low cost.
  • Same platform with the same language: Almost all businesses prefer ITSM software for improving IT collaboration. Both Jira Service Management and Jira software share a single and same platform and have practically similar UIs and APIs. This helps the teams in increasing their speed without any wastage of time. The software in Jira Service Management can be customized according to the business needs. With the significant environment of Jira programming, it is easy to extend the service desk according to the organization’s needs.

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Drawbacks of Jira Service Management

Some demerits of Jira Service Management are derived after careful analysis of the user feedback from IT Service Stations.

  1. The marketplace must be rigorously searched for plug-ins to improve its user interface.
  2. The SaaS version is suitable only for small organizations as it supports only about 2000 users.
  3. Searching the documents is time taking, especially after migration.
  4. As many fields are required in the story issue, much time is taken to fill the problems, i.e., it is time-consuming.
  5. The knowledge base is not enrooted in Jira Service Management, and also customization of the portal is challenging.
  6. Work emails are spammed with alerts in alerts management.

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Incident/Problem Management

Problem and incident modules are very robust in ServiceNow that are directly related to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which is considered the heart of ServiceNow storing all the information of technical services. With this, it is easy to create a problem from one or more incidents and link them with pre-defined rules to assign the instance to the users automatically. On the other hand, the Jira Service Desk is a set of ITIL-certified workflows and issue types for the incident and problem management to link specific issues together.

Jira vs ServiceNow: Configuration Management

The management of the lifecycle of all configuration objects and infrastructure components is taken care of by configuration management. The database configuration management has all the configuration items with their relationships. A plugin called discovery in ServiceNow helps explore networks and identify the interdependencies among the infrastructure components. CMDB is not a core feature or module of the Jira Service Desk, but it is built to expand and scale.

Knowledge Management

ServiceNow is well known for the best solutions it offers for sharing information in knowledge bases for customers, agents, and employees for better access, i.e., it has an option of sharing different knowledge bases for different audiences. Jira uses “Confluence” as core software for knowledge management with easy and quick access to solutions.

ServiceNow vs Jira: Comparison Chart

ServiceNow is less accessible, and customer service is not interactive as Jira.It has an interactive user interface that users can quickly learn and grasp from the Jira platform.
Visual environment is provided to the users in low code. Hence users can know the output beforehand and prepare accordingly.No visual environment is provided for the users for coding development. The users have to develop the code in their IDE.
The software is managed entirely by the development community.It has genuinely open-source code.
Updates are migration-free, and users can easily understand.Platform updates are not easy and must be done manually by the users.
ServiceNow is expensive compared to Jira and is preferred mainly by larger organizations.Jira is cost-effective and suitable for small to mid-sized businesses.

The above concept is instrumental while doing implementations across industry projects and is covered in Jira Training Bangalore curriculum.


Both Jira Service Management and ServiceNowplatforms offer better features and integrations, and so many of the solutions can be custom-made into any business. Jira Service Management is the best option when an ITSM solution is needed for a small or middle-sized business. However, for a more structured ITSM solution, ServiceNow fits better.

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