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What is ServiceNow - A Complete Guide for Beginners

This ”What is ServiceNow” blog is aimed at helping you understand ServiceNow fundamentals and master ServiceNow from scratch. It covers the features, architecture, and applications of ServiceNow.

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What is ServiceNow?

Today's Information Technology industry strives for maximum efficiency. It is not an easy undertaking, as they will encounter several hurdles along the route. There are still a lot of legacy systems in use, which slows things down significantly. In this what is ServiceNow article, we'll look at how ServiceNow began in the ITSM space and evolved into a full-fledged corporate cloud solution.

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What Is ServiceNow used for?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that enables the automation of IT business management. It is built in accordance with ITIL criteria to ensure that tasks, operations, and workflows are service-oriented. It leverages machine learning to accelerate and scale enterprises by using data and workflows.

It offers greater capability, scalability, and dependability necessary to accomplish event and issue management objectives. Moreover, users are allowed to choose their preferred assistance interface. It gives any professional all the information necessary to diagnose and correct issues, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and emails.

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What is ITSM?

Preparing, designing, creating, deploying, improving, and supporting different stakeholders are all included in IT Service Management (ITSM), which aims to continuously enhance services in order to best fulfill corporate goals.

ITSM guarantees that the organization has the appropriate technology, procedures, and team in place to accomplish its long-term goals. ITSM helps in improving the quality and pace with which services are delivered, hence increasing customer satisfaction. Not only do some firms use ITSM software to monitor and support their IT systems, but they also use it to broker and manage a diverse range of procedures and operations across the corporation.

Why ServiceNow?

ServiceNow's interconnected, easy-to-use IT and corporate support solution spans an organization's whole footprint. Its services assist organizations in connecting all departments—from HR and administration to customer support, advertising, legislation, finances, and infrastructure a single shared online database that enables analysis and action on data.

With ServiceNow, manual and inefficient processes are turned into digital workflows. It streamlines and simplifies the process of requesting services, automating mundane operations, and interacting with other departments. All service departments may quickly and easily avail the services they give to their workers using the ServiceNow platform. 

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Who uses ServiceNow?

  • Employees — Use it to seek IT business services relating to their jobs.
  • IT support team — This team is responsible for managing service requests and problems.
  • AdministratorsServiceNow enables administrators to control user access, roles, and privileges.
  • Implementers — Use it to implement submission and platform capabilities that meet the business requirements of a company.
  • Developers — Add additional functionality to conventional setups by extending them using scripts.

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Key Features of ServiceNow

1. Facilitate Work for Everyone

ServiceNow provides all end users with a seamless mobile experience. As simple to use as the commercial applications to which people have grown used in their everyday lives, employees and consumers may use ServiceNow to obtain answers and complete tasks across IT, HR, utilities, accounting, administrative, and other divisions, thanks to an application backed by a unified cloud platform with a uniform data model.

Indeed, the shared data model enables simple aggregation of approvals for to-dos distributed around the enterprise.

2. Continually Available

ServiceNow features a revolutionary design that provides an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that is always accessible and high in performance. Using ServiceNow, you have complete control over your databases and services. This implies that you operate independently of other ServiceNow customers. Globally distributed data centers ensure that connectivity is always accessible, even during scheduled maintenance.

Indeed, over the last three years, ServiceNow has averaged 99.8 percent collective availability. You will be completely unaware that ServiceNow is functioning on your instance performance, remaining unchanged.

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3. Identical Data Sources

ServiceNow enables access to and utilization of company-wide analytics, activities, products, resources, employees, places, and data via a single user portal by utilizing a single data source. It avoids conventional data integration problems.

All apps on the Now platform, including those developed by customers, are based on a single data source. By leveraging an advanced AI engine that integrates human and automated operations, powerful workflows may be created.

4. Scale to Any Dimension

ServiceNow is designed on a cloud architecture that is extremely scalable and state-of-the-art. There really is no documented limit to the scalability of a distributed application layers server architecture. ServiceNow CMDB serves and grows enterprises of all sizes, from those with 20 employees to those with thousands.

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5. Secured and Compliant

All firms, regardless of size, place a premium on privacy, confidentiality, and compliance. The ServiceNow platform offers industry-leading capabilities and services—all delivered in a secure, dependable environment—to support your installations, as well as bespoke applications and integrations.

6. Development Without the Use of Code

Without the assistance of a partner or third-party experts, non-IT personnel may set up ServiceNow utilizing no-code, low-code, and pro-code solutions. The upgrade procedure enables you to apply product updates, patches, and hotfixes without altering your setup, therefore ensuring the long-term reliability of any changes you make.

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ServiceNow Modules

ServiceNow SecOps

You can handle more rapidly and easily vulnerabilities using ServiceNow, as well as interconnect security and IT teams and give real-time insight. You can monitor your susceptibility status in real time using configurable dashboards and reports that include quantitative data.

Integrating your traditional Cyber Security Management solutions with ServiceNow Security Operations enables you to evaluate and respond to events and vulnerabilities based on their potential effect on your business. Prioritize, automate, and orchestrate the resolution of security events and vulnerabilities.

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ServiceNow ITBM

Coordinating IT investments and activities with the organization's goals enables IT to deliver superior results and adapt more quickly to change. Additionally, it establishes a solid platform for implementing current project management methodologies and guaranteeing that each IT project contributes to the achievement of an organizational purpose.

ITBM enables integrated transparency across IT teams by centralizing the capture, evaluation, prioritization, and execution of IT demand. It helps you to consistently provide value on schedule and under budget. ServiceNow manages the whole program lifecycle, from conception to completion, enabling better decision-making and efficient execution.

ServiceNow DevOps

One of the most significant difficulties is that, while apps are being developed at a breakneck pace, the majority of organizations that adopt DevOps have not witnessed an increase in release frequency. ServiceNow enables DevOps teams and engineers to meet their Agile objectives while maintaining high-quality code, adhering to regulatory requirements, and avoiding system downtime.

ServiceNow DevOps offers a framework with a properly architected environment that is meant to automatically merge intelligence that is dispersed across a chain of preparation, programming, pipeline, and execution tools. The framework becomes the one source of facts for IT, simplifying and optimizing innovation and efficiency while also accelerating time to market.

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ServiceNow ITOM

Comprehensive IT Operations Management (ITOM) demands an integrated, service-centric strategy that enhances business service quality, streamlines operations, fosters innovation, and assures robust governance. However, many IT organizations continue to struggle with disparate, unintegrated ITOM technologies. As a result, they face service interruptions and increased cloud complexity.

ServiceNow ITOM provides a complete and unified set of IT operations management features that work in unison with ServiceNow ITSM. Consolidate IT infrastructure data across computer servers and clouds into a singular central data repository. A solitary dashboard proactively identifies potential sources of service interruption and IT service issues before they occur.

Products of ServiceNow

ServiceNow's ticketing tool offers a variety of solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each user.

IT Service Automation Application:

By comprehending the link between underlying IT resources and business services, this ServiceNow application provides transparency into end-to-end business solutions. Additionally, it contributes to availability enhancements by monitoring service health and decreasing event loss time by rapidly identifying system disturbances.

Business Management Applications:

IT business management is portfolio management and execution strategy tool. It enables you to concentrate your efforts on the areas that require the most attention and accelerates the time to value.

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Custom Service Management:

The application enables you to collaborate with other departments on identifying and resolving difficulties. It results in considerable cost savings and an improvement in customer satisfaction. It enables you to enhance the consumer experience, operational efficiency, and productivity.

HR Management:

A human resource management service tool can assist you in increasing employee satisfaction. It serves as a single point of contact for efficient, tailored human resource services. Moreover, it assists you in increasing human resource productivity, streamlining personnel transactions, and optimizing service delivery.

Enterprise Security Response Engine:

You may integrate this performance analytics tool with your current security technologies. It enables you to respond quickly and appropriately to crises and vulnerabilities, taking into account the possible impact on your organization. 

The tools assist you in increasing the speed and efficiency with which you respond to security incidents. It also helps you save time by automating routine chores.

ServiceNow Architecture

ServiceNow Architecture

Today, the bulk of cloud service solutions, such as AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and Oracle, are built on the time-honored multi-tenant architecture. Multi-tenant architectures allow for the creation of a single instance that serves numerous clients. This is frequently the case with complicated databases that require continuous maintenance, frequently resulting in the inaccessibility of resources to clients. This is why ServiceNow's design is multi-instance.

Multi-instance Architecture - Each employee is assigned a distinct instance with its own resource stack. This allows us the flexibility to address the unique demands of each user, allowing others to do business on a customer-by-customer basis. For example, client upgrades can be provided in accordance with both compliance regulations and the enterprise's existing requirements.

What does ServiceNow do?

Service Delivery That Is More Efficient

ServiceNow features embedded AI-powered dashboard technologies such as bots and virtual assistants that expedite the service order processing communication. Users may text or speak to a bot to put their request using these functionalities.

Effortless Incident Management

ServiceNow Incident Management automates the process of resolving service interruptions or outages. Self-service portals like these allow IT to log incidents and prioritize chat, email, and phone calls according to specified service level standards. Automatic routing of incidents to the appropriate resolution committee is possible.

Costs and time savings associated with coding

ITSM helps your business to automate service delivery through the use of a scalable corporate cloud. ServiceNow ITSM is a robust platform for implementing ITIL processes. This can result in cost savings, increased business agility, risk mitigation, and increased IT innovation. Here are a few ITSM characteristics that help you save money and effort on coding:

  • Configuration without the need for code.
  • A centralized record-keeping system.
  • Mobile applications that are pre-installed.
  • Guided configuration.
  • Dashboards and benchmarks in real-time.
  • Project Management that is effective.

Project managers frequently spend the majority of their valuable time assigning tasks and monitoring task status via portals or composing emails. Rather than that, AI-enabled PPM applications and platforms are capable of scanning user requests, classifying them, and allocating them to the appropriate individual. The dynamic dashboards give a clearer understanding of the pace of work and the performance of each member of the team.

Solutions for Enhanced Knowledge Management

The ServiceNow knowledge management feature enables organizations to simply post and manage articles that address frequently asked questions and can help accelerate the resolution process. Anyone seeking information does not have to wait for the real instructions in the form of resolutions. 

A single search can provide access to any complex information. This enables the organization to maintain transparency with its employees and build confidence.

ServiceNow Applications

1. IT Service Management

ServiceNow is primarily used as a ticketing system for incident, issue, and change management. It includes a plethora of sophisticated capabilities, statistics, and insights that have an effect on the pace and quality of IT delivery.

2. HR Management

A wide range of HR services may be handled by ServiceNow, including leave management and timesheets; new hire onboarding; performance management; and more.

3. IT Asset Management

We can save costs and improve productivity by centrally managing our hardware and software assets using ServiceNow. ServiceNow includes capabilities such as license management, warranty management, continuous integration (CI) management, comprehensive reporting and analytics, and more.

4. Finance Operation Management

ServiceNow manages all financial closure activities and automates financial procedures. Apart from the aforementioned solutions, ServiceNow also provides IT business administration, personnel security, and virtual chatbots services.


This concludes our discussion of what is ServiceNow. ServiceNow's cloud-based platform offers seamless integration of older technologies. The platform enables integrated digital workflows that improve productivity for individuals and businesses. We hope you found this information and beneficial.

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