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Python is an open source high-level programming language which is intended to enable clear programs. It supports multiple programming paradigms like object-oriented and functional programming and features as of a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. Python acts as a shell which is highly extensible and implementations can function as a command line interpreter. It is used by data scientists for building and using machine learning applications and also used by YouTube ad Dropbox.

Python Training Overview

Get a broader and deeper preface of the core Python language with our Training. This Python Course will help you write and execute high-quality code in Python. Our curriculum is an ideal way to begin, whether you’re new to programming or a professional developer.

Participants in our course also learn some advanced language features in Python code. Our course covers, the fundamental concepts to advanced topics like writing scripts, sequence and file operations, Web Scraping, Map Reduce and Python UDF for Pig and Hive.

Finally, you’ll be guided through a hands-on project that requires the application of all the topics covered in Python online Training.


Python Training Curriculum

 curriculum_moduleIntroduction to Python

In this module, you’ll learn about Python course, its advantages/ disadvantages. The use of Interpreter and Interpreter PATH, How to Python Script in Windows and Unix?, Different Editors and the use of variables and keywords.

Overview of Python
Advantages/Disadvantages of Python
pydoc.Starting Python
Interpreter PATH
Using the Interpreter
Running a Python Script
Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows
Python Editors and IDEs
Using Variables, Keywords, Built-in Functions, Strings, Different Literals, Math Operators and Expressions
Writing to the Screen
String Formatting
Command Line Parameters and Flow Control.

curriculum_moduleSequences and File Operations

This module of our Python training gives you a list of Sequences and their functions, File operations that follow using Enumerate(), x range function and also the generator Expressions.

Lists, Tuples, Indexing and Slicing
Iterating through a Sequence
Functions for all Sequences
Using Enumerate()
Operators and Keywords for Sequences
The x range () function
List Comprehensions
Generator Expressions
Dictionaries and Sets.

In this module of python course, you will learn python related overview of Functions,Variables, Different kinds of Sorting’s and Exception Handling.

Functions and Function Parameters
Global Variables
Variable Scope and Returning Values
Sorting, Alternate Keys
Lambda Functions
Sorting Collections of Collections
Sorting Dictionaries
Sorting Lists in Place
Errors and Exception Handling
Handling Multiple Exceptions
The Standard Exception Hierarchy
Using Modules
The Import Statement
Module Search Path
Package Installation Ways

This module helps you to know about Object Oriented Programming, its packages,different kinds of methods and also on the Regular Expressions.

The Sys Module
Interpreter Information
Launching External Programs
Directories and Filenames
Walking Directory Trees
Math Function
Random Numbers
Dates and Times
Zipped Archives
Introduction to Python Classes
Defining Classes
Instance Methods
Class Methods and Data
Static Methods, Private Methods and Inheritance
Module Aliases and Regular Expressions

While you learn this module, you will know the

Dealing with Errors
Using Tests
Project Skeleton
Required Packages
Creating the Skeleton
Project Directory
Final Directory Structure
Testing your Setup
Using the Skeleton
Creating a Database with SQLite 3
CRUD Operations
Creating a Database Object.

In this module, train over

Introduction to Machine Learning
Areas of Implementation of Machine Learning
Why Python
Major Classes of Learning Algorithms
Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
Learning NumPy
Learning Scipy
Basic plotting using Matplotlib
We’ll also build a small Machine Learning application and discuss the different steps involved while building an application.

In this module, learn how to create data Frames, Clustering with k-means in python, Plotting data, Pandas, Creation of Functions.

Classification Problem
Classifying with k-Nearest Neighbours (kNN) Algorithm
General Approach to kNN
Building the Classifier from Scratch
Testing the Classifier
Measuring the Performance of the Classifier
Clustering Problem
What is K-Means Clustering
Clustering with k-Means in Python and an Application Example
Introduction to Pandas
Creating Data Frames
Plotting Data
Creating Functions
Converting Different Formats
Combining data from Various Formats
Slicing/Dicing Operations.

This module covers the Scikit introduction, popularity of Hadoop, MapReduce Framework and the Fuctional Programming.

Introduction to Scikit-Learn
Inbuilt Algorithms for Use
What is Hadoop and why it is popular
Distributed Computation and Functional Programming
Understanding MapReduce Framework
Sample Map Reduce Job Run.

This module of Python course covers the concepts like Map Reduce Jobs, PIG UDF, Hadoop and much more.

PIG and HIVE Basics
Streaming Feature in Hadoop
Map Reduce Job Run using Python
Writing a PIG UDF in Python
Writing a HIVE UDF in Python
Pydoop and MRjob Basics.

The conclusive module of python training gives an overview of Web Scraping and a taste of real world project.

Web Scraping
Introduction to Beautiful soup Package
How to Scrape Webpages
A real world project showing scrapping data from Google finance and IMDB



Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Mindmajix verifies their technical background and expertise.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Trainer will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.

Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

As we are one of  the leading providers of Online training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE and other parts of the world. We are located in USA.

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Exam Certification

How to get certified in Python?

To the date, there is no official certified exam for python. But however, there is a talk going on that Python Software Foundation (PSF) is planning to introduce a certificate. These certifications (if any) can help candidates aspire for their rewarding job positions. By opting for our well-structured training at Mindmajix, candidates can gain knowledge to enter the lucrative domain of Python and earn the certification.

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