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Python Training Course Content

In-depth exploratory research is carried out by experts to design Python course content at Mindmajix. Our Python Syllabus is developed by expert-level programming professionals to make sure of providing the best anytime-anywhere training environment for the aspirants. Python course details provide you valuable and super clear information about all the Python programming concepts and also help you become a notable Python developer in the future. Below you will find the complete Python course details.

  • What is Python?
  • Interpreted languages
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Downloading and installing
  • Which version of Python
  • Where to find documentation
  • Using variables
  • String types: normal, raw and Unicode
  • String operators and expressions
  • Math operators and expressions
  • Writing to the screen
  • Command line parameters
  • Reading from the keyboard
  • About flow control
  • Indenting is significant
  • The if and elif statements
  • while loops
  • Using lists
  • Using the for statement
  • The range() function
  • List operations
  • List methods
  • Strings are special kinds of lists
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries
  • Syntax of function definition
  • Formal parameters
  • Global versus local variables
  • Passing parameters and returning values
+ 9 more lessons


  • To test your knowledge on Python Training and Certification Course, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in Python Training and Certification Course concepts.
  • These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum.

Industry: IT
Problem statement: How to monitor and control transactions in a library using Python?
Description: The main objective of this Python project is to build an application that manages all the details of members, books, authors, issues, and soon. This project is built at admin end, and thus the administrator has access to manage all activities.
Project highlights:

  • Provide search facilities based on student, issues, and more
  • Add a day to day operations for rent or retrieving books
  • Add new users with user login and editing user data

Domain: IT

Problem statement: You, as a Python expert, have to do analysis and to create a game with Python to start and stop the car.

Actions to be performed: Develop an application in Python based on a console system which performs operations like start and stop of the car. It should also display a menu and allow you to choose an action and show the state of the car according to your option.

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    Python Online Training and Certification Course Objectives

    Python Course at Mindmajix is designed to make you an expert in performing various Python programming tasks that are complex and tedious in nature. Our Python Training will make you proficient and skilled in all the essential concepts such as Installation, Operators, Data Types, Strings, Looping Statements, and many more. You will also gain expertise in OOPs concepts and Python Packages.

    Upon completion of our training, the students will be able to:

    • Gain knowledge on basics and advanced concepts of Python Programming
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows environments
    • Implement loops and conditional statements in Python programming
    • Master Object-oriented programming concepts
    • Understand the familiarity with Popular IDEs and Python Editors
    • Excel in creating and using Python functions
    • Expertise in Python File Handling
    • Knowledge of String Manipulations
    • Understand Django Framework
    • Python is an easy-to-learn programming language and can be used as a stepping stone for getting into other web frameworks.
    • There are more Job opportunities for Python professionals in top MNCs when compared to other technologies. 
    • Since several big companies rely on Python, you can make good money as a Python developer.
    • Python is a great Career Prospect.
    • According to TIOBE-index, Python was considered as the “Language of the year” in 2018. 
    • Several Python developers across the globe today are developing a variety of software packages for application in numerous industries.
    • The average salary of a Certified Python Developer is US$116,379 per year.

    This training is the perfect choice for those who are into programming and aiming to have a lucrative career in this field. The professionals  who can take this training are:

    • Freshers
    • Professionals having experience of Programming
    • Software developers
    • Project Managers
    • Software Testing Professionals
    • Professionals who aim to make a career in big data with Python
    • Aspirants who have a deep desire for learning Python

    There are no specific prerequisites to learn Python. Having basic programming knowledge is enough.

    Python Certification and Certification Course

    Our Python and Certification Course course covers all the topics that are required to clear Python and Certification Course certification. Trainer will share Python and Certification Course certification guide, Python and Certification Course certification sample questions, Python and Certification Course certification practice questions.

    There is no official certification available for Python. However, many companies have stepped up with their own Python certifications like below:

    Python Institute offers Python certifications for four levels.

    • Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification (PCEP) — $59
    • Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP)— $295
    • Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 (PCPP 1) — $195
    • Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 (PCPP 2) — $195  

    Click here to get certified

     Introduction to Programming Using Python for $127.

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    Python Certification Training Course and Certification Course - FAQ's

    Yes, you get two kinds of discounts. They are group discount and referral discount. Group discount is offered when you join as a group, and referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training.

    Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

    If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within first 2 sessions of the training. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

    User Reviews on popular courses

    Anindya Banerjee

    Mindmajix as a team is awesome and I am impressed with the kind of support they provide right from the registration gate point to till the passing of the certification exam... Python Training helped me a lot. Thank you Mindmajix team!

    Raja Sekhar Ganduri

    The Python online training at Mindmajix was excellent. The trainer was maintained the highly professional degree throughout the training. He had great patience in clarifying doubts and aslo explains the small concepts with outstanding examples.

    Mohammed Ibrahim Khadar M

    Thanks, Mindmajix..... Really a good place to learn Python technology Clear understanding of concepts and really clear explanation of everything about that technology special thanks to my trainer. Being a real-time experience guy he helped me a lot with real-time concepts.

    Praveen Gali

    The Python training from MindMajix and trainer knowledge are so excellent and satisfied me. The pdf documents which are provided by the trainer are so helpful.


    Mindmajix Python Training covered each topic with interesting lectures. The presentation of materials was good making it easy to understand even for the beginners. Thanks, Mindmajix..!!!

    Asif Hasan

    I took .NET training from Mindmajix. I must say the course content was highly qualitative and the trainer covered all concepts. Overall it was a good experience with Mindmajix.

    Ashim Sen Gupta

    Thank You for the sessions that helped me gaining knowledge in Spotfire training. Trainer's experience helped me to get the detailed information regarding the key concepts and challenging tasks in real-time. Thanks once again.

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