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Mindmajix Python Training in Chennai brings you the best in class online instructor-led training to learn, develop and excel Python programming knowledge. Trainers are currently working certified developers with years of experience in building robust applications using Python. Aspirants can master Python once they understand basic concepts like data types, control statements, string manipulations, lists, tuple, dictionaries, modules and exception handling. Trainers make aspirants work on scripting, CGI, databases, networking, GUI programming, multithreading and building web applications using various tools. Two real-time live projects are executed during the course to excel in Python. On successful completion of training, aspirants are awarded Mindmajix course completion certificate to social your skillset. 

Python Course Content

You will be exposed to the complete Python Trainingcourse details in the below sections.

An Overview of Python

  • What is Python?
  • Interpreted languages
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Downloading and installing
  • Which version of Python
  • Where to find documentation

Getting Started

  • Using variables
  • String types: normal, raw and Unicode
  • String operators and expressions
  • Math operators and expressions
  • Writing to the screen
  • Command line parameters
  • Reading from the keyboard

Flow Control

  • About flow control
  • Indenting is significant
  • The if and elif statements
  • while loops
  • Using lists
  • Using the for statement
  • The range() function
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To test your knowledge on Python Training, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in Python Training and Certification Course concepts

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    The average salary of a certified python developer is $130,000 per annum -neuvoo.com

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    1. An Overview of Python

    2. Getting Started

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    • Gain industry insights during the training delivered by insdustry experts
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    Python Training Objectives

    About Python Training in Chennai

    Python is one of the prominently used programming languages in the world. It is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented and structured programming language used to develop server-side applications, system scripting and software developments. Easily understandable control flows, expressions and methods made it popular among beginners to choose python to start coding careers.

    What skills will you learn in this Python Online training in Chennai?

    Mindmajix content is prepared to master all the key concepts of Python from basics to advanced. Exception handling, file handling, variables and data types, generators, iterators, data structures and oops concepts are the most common skills aspirants expect from Mindmajix, and we have included all these concepts along with advanced concepts like web frameworks, prototyping, and developing production-ready software.

    What are the prerequisites to learn Python?

    Python programming language is way similar to the English language in terms of readability, and this makes it easy for any individual who is completely new to start programming. Minimum knowledge in using a computer, with basics of operating systems, browsing the internet and how to install necessary software to the system.

    Who Should take up this Python Online Training Course?

    Beginners who are willing to start their career as software application developers and add value to the existing applications industry which seeks programming knowledge may take this course. Pythons’ career path is way too long with diversified opportunities will give any individual a flying start to their IT Careers. Python can be a road to Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence as well, which are considered to be the future of information technology.

    What is the Scope of Python in Future?

    Python developers have contributed their skills in every possible new technology and will drive the many new technologies in future. Python is the fourth most used programming language in 2019 around the world. India and the USA stand tall in providing a great number of python professionals to the world. By the end of 2022, we can anticipate a great contribution of Python in terms of adding new technologies to the Industry.

    What is the Python market trend in Chennai?

    Chennai is known for its great contribution of young Entrepreneurs to the world. The same is with providing talented and skilled software professionals to the country. Chennai offers enough resources to attract more number of MNCs that also use Python as their major scripting language, Chennai offers numerous job opportunities in Python.

    Which are the major companies recruiting Python Professionals in Chennai?

    Infosys, Accenture, TCS, Kris Infotech, Capgemini, American MegaTrends, Applied Electromagnetics, Sutherland, Contus, HTC are currently looking for experienced Python developers in Chennai and many Level 3 companies offer to the beginners as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Python Training

    Do I get any discount on the course?

    Yes, you get two kinds of discounts. They are group discount and referral discount. Group discount is offered when you join as a group, and referral discount is offered when you are referred from someone who has already enrolled in our training.

    Do Mindmajix accepts the course fees in installments?

    Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

    How Mindmajix’s Refund Policy works?

    If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within first 2 sessions of the training. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

    Is Python hard to learn?

    Even beginners feel Python easy with the kind of readability it provides. Any programming language becomes interesting once you get started with it and focus on results that effect with your scripts. Python is one such scripting language which itself will motivate you in learning new concepts of every Python update, that will enable users to focus on solving problems and achieving new heights.

    How many days will it take to learn Python?

    Mindmajix has trained more than 500+ aspirants and understood that an average guy can understand and excel Python in 25-30 hours of good intensive training. Hence to give the best training, Mindmajix came up with a detailed curriculum for 30 hours along with two live projects to keep the things clear.

    Is Python worth learning?

    Python being one of the top three programming languages used across the world, we can expect huge demand for the professionals who master Python in coming years. It is worth learning Python to those who want to build a strong IT Career. 

    What are the job opportunities for Python?

    Diversified roles of Python professionals offer various job opportunities. Python being the skeleton for most of the technologies in the market now, Python developer, architect, data analyst, system analyst, QA engineer, product manager, business analyst, etc are the roles that drive most of the software firms.

    What is the AVG salary of a Python Programmer?

    On average, Python developers with a year of experience is expected to draw 6LPA in India. As experience fuels your salary, it is your duty to fuel your Python skills which further improves your ability and experience.

    Why should I learn Python from Mindmajix?

    Mindmjix has got enough experience in understanding different types of aspirants and different skills expected by graduates, beginners, and already working professionals. We have tracked their need and designed every course curriculum in such a way that once an individual finishes their training, it will be beneficial to all the trainees irrespective of their background.

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