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AlterYX Course Content

Our AlterYX Course content is designed by a team of analytics professionals to simplify the learning process. Our AlterYX syllabus covers all the core concepts and makes the students feel confident enough to clear the interview process. This course content will ease up your career path in becoming an AlterYX professional. You will come across the complete AlterYX course details in the below sections.   

From this section, you will get an overview of the AlterYX course. And also, you will learn the following fundamental concepts. 

  • Understanding Alteryx Designer
  • Alteryx designer Interface
  • User and Workflow settings

In the AlterYX designer section, you will learn how to provide a single platform that lets you rapidly process large volumes of data without writing any code. Also, you will learn how to leverage multiple tools to pull together all the relevant data you need for your analytics.

  • Tool Palettes
  • Configuration
  • Favorite Palettes
  • Workflow Canvas

In this session, you will learn how to extract, filter, transform, group, cleanse, and join the data across various sources using AlterYX Designer. 


  • Split data, skip records, use a record as field headings, pivot and unpivot data and trim and split fields 
  • Input Data
  • DynamicRename
  • Text to columns
  • Transpose
  • Cross Tab
  • Formula
  • Directory
  • Comment
  • Sample
  • Tool Container
  • Select
  • Filter
  • Output Data
  • Record Id
  • Unique

In this section, you will learn how to join two tables from the same database, and you will view the output in the form of pivot tables in the excel sheet using the following features. 


  • Filter
  • Summarize
  • Browse
  • Union
  • Join Multiple
  • Input Data
  • Formula
  • Join
  • Output Data
  • Data Filter
  • Generate Row

In this section, you will learn how to handle the appended, missing, and skipped data in the AlterYX tool.


  • Impute Values
  • Data Cleansing
  • Formula
  • Append Field
  • Random Sample
  • Unique
  • Running tool
+ 11 more lessons


  • To test your knowledge on AlterYX Training, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in AlterYX Training concepts.
  • These projects are completely in-line with the modules mentioned in the curriculum.

Project Requirements:

  • Create a unique ID for each employee in the Emp Table
  • Remove junk characters from the ename column and replace Null commission with zero.
  • Filter the data where hiredate>= ‘1995-01-01’.
  • Check the metadata of all the fields and make changes as appropriate.
  • Add Dept Name and Location to the dataset from the Department table.
  • Calculate New Salary for each employee where New Salary = Sal + Comm
  • Find the Average New Salary for each department and add it to the original data set.
  • Add the LoadDate field to the dataset to identify when we process the last load.
  • With employees with higher new salaries on top, Load the prepared data set in SQL Server Table.


Company Asset and Liability Reconciliations

This workflow has been designed to demonstrate the power of the Alteryx platform with regards to :

  • Reading in Company Asset and Liability data in Excel sheets.
  • Reading in Audit data sent from Auditors.

The workflow shows that these inputs can be prepared, cleansed, and blended to provide outputs in Excel and Tableau showing the outcome of the reconciliations applied. 


NASA is planning on transporting a retired space shuttle from Florida to New York City. Instead of trying to move it via highways, it will be attached to the top of a 747 (a plane) and flown to its destinations. Based on the plan’s altitude, it is estimated that the shuttle will be viewable within 12 miles of the flight path. Your dataset contains the longitude and latitude of 50 points. Some of these points are household locations for friends and family, and the rest are coordinates for the flight path of the plane as it moves north along with the east coast of the United States.

Given the information provided, determine how many of your friends/family in the dataset will be able to see the shuttle from their houses.


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    AlterYX Online Training Objectives

    AlterYX is the leader in self-service data analytics with a platform that can analyze, prepare, and discover all your data, then share and deploy analytics at scale for deeper insights. Using AlterYX, you can easily access and combine all your data sources for a complete analysis of every byte of data. It doesn't matter if it structured, unstructured data in the cloud or a flat-file like excel, or a hidden on-premises warehouse.

    To analyze the data, enrich it by blending location business and consumer demographic information from authoritative third-party datasets. Using drag and drop tools, you can bring all your data sources together to cleanse and prepare your data up to a hundred times faster than traditional approaches or tools.

    The main objective of the Mindmajix AlterYX course is to make you an expert in the AlterYX tool. We start the learning process with fundamentals, such as data blending, how to identify the missing data and other basic topics. Then we move to advanced concepts, including tools and their functions. You’ll also learn how to connect, join, and cleanse the data from different data sources, performing analytics, building analytic applications, creating macros, and other significant concepts. 

    Mindmajix AlterYX course ensures that by the end of the training, you will have the following skills: 

    • How to handle and process the data
    • Analyzing the data and creating reports. 
    • Performing Predictive and Statistical analysis
    • Efficiently creating advanced analytics and blend the data through intuitive workflows
    • Delivering more profound insights according to the specific user requirements
    • Discover, Understand, and Manage an organization's data to bring analytic productivity
    • Collect data to find Key insights
    • Perform Predictive analysis
    • Using R models without any technical programming knowledge
    • GIS level spatial processing, data mapping, and data geocoding to provide drive-time analytics
    • Understanding data transformation throughout analysis processes
    • Building repetitive Workflow and maintaining consistency

    Professionals or students who want to improve their career graph can take AlterYX training and get benefited. The following professionals can opt for AlterYX Course.

    • Data Analysts
    • Data Scientists
    • Analytical Leaders
    • Project Managers
    • Software Professionals
    • Database Architects

    Anyone can learn the AlterYX course to grow in their career, and for learning this course, the following prerequisites are highly recommended.

    • Basic knowledge of Python Programming language. 
    • Basic knowledge of Machine learning.
    • Have to know predictive modeling.
    • Basic knowledge of AlterYX Designer 2018.3 or the latest version.
    • AlterYX is named as a challenger according to Gartner’s 2019 magic Quadrant for Machine learning and Data Science Platforms. 
    • The market share of the AlterXY tool continues to increase more rapidly than other BI tools.
    • Enlyft announced that more than 3,543 companies are utilizing AlterYX to analyze the data. 
    • The average annual salary of AlterYX Designer Advanced and Core is $95K as per Payscale. 

    These above statistics say that it is also one of the leading BI tools to visualize the data and to prepare the reports. Enroll for Mindmajix’s AlterYX certification course and gain knowledge on the AlterYX tool that helps you to place in Top MNCs or to become an expert to create rich visuals, reports, and dashboards. 

    Along with Alteryx Course, Mindmajix offers other Popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools courses that are: Microsoft Power BI TrainingTableau Training,  Qlik Sense  Training,  Qlikview  Training, and more 

    AlterYX Certification

    Our AlterYX course covers all the topics that are required to clear AlterYX certification. Trainer will share AlterYX certification guide, AlterYX certification sample questions, AlterYX certification practice questions.

    AlterYX certification is essential to kick-start your career as an AtlerYX Designer in MNCs companies, including Deloitte, KPMG, Macquarie Group Limited, JP Morgan Chase, etc. The certification demonstrates that you are a certified professional to handle all tasks performed in the AlterYX tool. Companies are offering good salary packages for AlterYX certified professionals. 

    Mindmajix awards you the course completion certificate which is well recognized in reputed companies. Our team provides you the course materials, daily session recordings, and the latest interview questions to clear your interview.


    Alteryx Certification Exam & Cost Details:

    • AlterYX offers certification in AlterYX Design Core and AlterYX Designer Advanced.
    • Alteryx Certification Exam Format: Multiple choice questions.
    • Alteryx Certification Exam Duration: 2 Hours (90 sec/question)
    • Alteryx Certification Exam Cost: Free


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    AlterYX Certification Training Course - FAQ's

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    Yes, we accept payments in two installments.

    If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within first 2 sessions of the training. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

    User Reviews on popular courses

    Srini Narla

    I just completed AlterYX course from Mindmajix. It was really good learning curve for me to get into my project involving Tableau and AlterYX. I also  complete certification after this course and reading couple of books in addition. I would say Mindmajix people are very professional and hardworking. Good Work Mindmajix - Way to go.


    The Mindmajix classes for AlterYX were consistent and the material provided was highly relevant. The trainer is highly knowldgeble and deliverd all the classes in an effective way.  I felt the complete course was best organized. 

    Rambabu Ram

    I have attended AlterYX Trainig from mindmajix, the trainer was highly knowldgeble and delivered classess perfectly. Thanks to the trainer and mindmajix for the best AlterYX training. 

    Harshita Upadhyay

    I have attended AlterYX training from mindmajix. I had a very good learning experience. All the concepts were explained in simple and understandable manner. I would like to thank trainer and mindmajix for the immense support during the training.  

    Ivone Immich

    I have attended AlterYX training at mindmajix. Course curriculum was very good and trainer has good amount of real time experience. The trainer is highly knowledgeble and solved all my doubts instantaniously.  Thanks to mindmajix for the best AlterYX tarining. 

    Asit Mohanty

      I have enrolled for the AlterYX training from the Mindmajix. The course curriculum was highly effective and interactive online sessions and trainers knowledge were an added advantage. Support team was very helpful and responded to my queries instantaneously. Thanks for the best AlterYX training.

    Div Makwana

    I thank mindmajix and the trainer for providing me with the best AlterYX training. Course curriculum was excellent and trainer delivered each class perfectly. The assistance from the mindmajix team was very good.  Thanks for the excellent training.