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1) Explain what is a Lead and how Leads are captured in Netsuite?

Ans: In accounting terminology, a lead is classified as an individual who is interested in the product or service that is been offered and they are in a state to take a decision to purchase the product or service.

Within Netsuite, the term “Lead” is considered as a standard object where several other informational fields are captured while taking up Lead information.

2) Explain what is the Lead Generation Process?

Ans: The lead generation process actually starts after the fact, i.e. when a product is completely developed or the service is readily available for the consumers. A lead generation process is nothing but a marketing strategy where the products or services are presented to the consumers to try them out and further promote them to sign up for the regular usage of the product or the services that the company is offering.

Most of the time lead generation process is taken up by the sales team of an organization. One has to make sure that they have sound knowledge about the product or the service where they are going to promote.

3) Explain the lead conversion process in Netsuite?

Ans: The lead conversion process in NetSuite can be executed in two different methods:

>> Within the system, for an opportunity, if we have keyed in the estimates, sales transactions then the lead is automatically converted as per the default statues.
>> If you are explicitly using the lead conversion process then you can follow the below process:

1. Click on the convert button on the lead record

>> The above process is commonly used in sales organizations and business to consumer businesses

4) List out the process flow for procuring to pay process in Netsuite and let us know how it works?

Ans: The procure to pay process in Netsuite is as follows:

1. Purchase Order Entry
2. Purchase order Approval
3. Receiving
4. Matching
5. Bill Approval

5) List out the process flow for the Lead to cash process in Netsuite?

Ans: The process flow for Lead to cash is as follows:

1. Lead
2. Opportunity
3. Quote
4. Order
5. Fulfill
6. Invoice
7. Billing

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6) Explain what is the purchase order cycle in Netsuite?

Ans: The purchase order cycle in Netsuite is as follows:

1. Receiving
2. Update Inventory
3. Enter Bills
4. Bill Payment
5. Accounting posting

7) What is Suitescript, explain briefly?

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Ans: Suitescript is nothing but a Java-based API that enables the developers an enhanced ability to use an extended version of Netsuite.

8) How to run a script in Netsuite?

Ans: The following is the process where you can run a script in Netsuite and it is fairly very simple and easy. The steps are:

1. First of all, create a JavaScript file for your script
2. Then upload a file into Netsuite
3. Create the Netsuite script
4. Define the scripts at runtime options within the Netsuite script deployment page.

9) Explain what is a scheduled script?

Ans: As per the naming convention itself, it says that the script will be executed as per the scheduling. Most of the time these scripts are executed on-demand and in real-time. A scheduled script is vital for batch processing of the records

10) Explain what is a Client script?

Ans:  The client scripts are executed at the client level.
These scripts are attached and executed to run on the single individual form.
Further, their management of scripts is applicable for the entire record.

11) On what technology Netsuite is on?

Ans: Netsuite runs on the Oracle platform.

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12) Does Netsuite software offer role-based views for dashboards?

Ans: Yes, NetSuite software offers role-based views for the dashboard when they are logged into the system.

13) List out all the products and services that Netsuite is offering?

Ans: Netsuite is offering a lot of products, they are:
1. ERP solutions
2. E-commerce and retail management.
3. Marketing automation
4. PSA ( professional services automation)

14) What are the different types of scripts in Netsuite?


1. Scheduled scripts
2. Client scripts
3. Portlet Scripts
4. Workflow Action scripts
5. User event scripts

15) Within Netsuite, what does the nonintegrated shipping feature actually mean?

Ans: Within the nonintegrated shipping feature within Netsuite, the user can do the following functionalities:

1. User will be able to generate own shipping labels
2. User will be able to work directly with the carrier
3. Tracking number and shipping weights are manually handled
4. For sales orders, users will be able to print the labels

16) Do you know what is the governor limit that is allowed for Restless?

Ans: The governor limit that is allowed for Restless is 5,000

17) Out of all the scripts that are available which script has maximum governor limits allocated?

Ans: The maximum governor limits that are allocated is “Scheduled Script”.
The governor limit for schedule script is > 10,000.

18) Can you explain how to overcome governance issues in case of a long-running process or scheduled jobs on a larger set of data?

Ans: Using this command you will be able to overcome governance issue in case of long-running process or scheduled jobs on a larger set of data


19) Explain how a client script can be deployed in Netsuite?

Ans: A client script can be deployed in one of the possible ways,
1. Deployed at a record level
2. Deployed at the form level

20) Which of the Suitescript API has maximum governor limits?

Ans: The following are the Suitescript API which has maximum governor limits:
1. nlapisetRecoveryPoint
2. nlapiSubmitCSVImport
3. nlobJobManager.submit

21) Name some of the event types in a client script?

Ans: The event types that are in a client script are as follows:
1. pageInit
2. saveRecord
3. validateField
4. fieldChanged
5. postSourcing
6. lineInit
7. validateLine
8. Recalc

22) What are the event types in a user event script?

Ans: The event types in a user event script are as follows:
1. Before loading
2. Before submitting
3. After submitting

23) What is the main difference between xedit and edit user Event types?

Ans: When the user is actually using event type argument as xedit then it means that the user is trying to execute the content within Inline edit or it is going to be a mass update.

If the user is actually using event type argument as edit then it means that the user has completed editing the field in all other contexts. So basically it is not an inline edit

24) Is there any user events limit that can have on one Record?

Ans: To be honest there is no limit to the number of user events scripts that can be executed on a single record type.

For example:
We can have 10 user events before loading, 10 user events before submitting, and 15 user events after submitting on a single customer record. Usually, it is not advisable to assign so many user events to a single record.  As this could negatively affect the single record. Also, the execution of this record will be poor.

As per the example, if we had 10 user events that are assigned to the record before loading then the time taken for the single record to load will also be increased thus giving out performance issues.
By doing this, a negative experience would be generated for the user and the system won’t be performance-friendly.

25) Explain what is Workflow action script?

Ans: A workflow action script will allow the user to create custom actions that are later on defined for a record in the form of a workflow.

26) What is Mass update scripts?

Ans: A mass update script generally allows the user to perform custom mass updates programmatically and the update fields are not generally available for general mass updates. We can use action scripts to run complex calculations.

27) Define what is a Suite let?

Ans: With the help of the Suite, the user will be able to create dynamic web content.
It can be used to implement customized front-end and backends.
With the help of their APIs, we can also build Netsuite looking pages.

28) Define what is User event script?

Ans: User event script is nothing but a trigger where the users are working with the records and the data changes automatically in Netsuite as on when they start creating, opening, updating or saving records.
With the help of user event scripts, one can implement workflows and associations between Netsuite entry forms.

29) What is client scripts, explain?

Ans: A client script is nothing but a script which is executed on the client-side.
The client script can be attached and can be executed on individual forms.
These scripts can be deployed globally and they are executed on transaction record types.

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30) Define what is Portlet Script?

Ans: A portlet script is nothing but a script that is used to create customized dashboard portlets. To explain in detail, let’s take an example:
One can use Suitescript to create a portlet where the messages can be populated on the fly within the company systems.