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If you're looking for Peoplesoft FSCM Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are in the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research PeopleSoft FSCM has a market share of about 9.8%. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career as a Peoplesoft Functional Support Analyst. Mindmajix offers Advanced Peoplesoft FSCM Interview Questions 2023 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as Peoplesoft FSCM Techno-Functional.

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Top 10 Frequently Asked PeopleSoft FSCM Interview Questions

  1. What number of Message hubs is feasible for a database?
  2. What are the statuses accessible in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?
  3. What is budgetary administration change in PeopleSoft FSCM and what is your view on the same?
  4. Define the expression "Time Value of Money" widely used in the domain of PeopleSoft FSCM
  5. Give shortened form of NOI and WACC in PeopleSoft FSCM
  6. What is the significance of the PeopleSoft messaging application in Financial Supply chain Management?
  7. Name a few important tables in PeopleSoft Accounts Receivables
  8. What exactly do you know about the regulatory region in the PeopleSoft FSCM?
  9. What are the prime benefits that an organization can have from an FSCM tool?
  10. Can you name the prime attributes of a CI in PeopleSoft FSCM?

1. How PeopleSoft FSCM is different from that of SAP FSCM?

1Configuration is simpleConfiguration is difficult
2Has better life-cycle and administration strategiesLife-cycle and administration strategies are less effective
3Can handle Automation and IntegrationIt can also handle Automation and Integration
4Security policies are not as vast as SAPSAP security policies are vast

2. Is it feasible for a People Tools 8.4x and a People Tools 8.1x database to keep running on a similar machine?

Indeed, it's conceivable. In any case, it's essential to check that the database form required by People Tools is the same concerning the current People Tools x usage.

3. Does Application Messaging work in the vicinity of 8.1x and 8.4x applications?

Application Messaging is utilized by PeopleSoft applications to speak with each other. For instance, the Financials Applications which depend on People Tools can talk about HRMS applications, which rely on People Tools, utilizing Application Messaging.

4. Customization is done in Dev DB. Which device can be used to move it to Prod DB?

Utilize App Designer and Go Tools > Copy Project > To Database.

5. What number of Message hubs is feasible for a database?


6. How is it conceivable to get a solitary yield by joining at least two inquiries?


7. Which Data Type isn't upheld by the People Code programming condition?


8. What are the statuses accessible in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?

Server, Client, and Queue Status

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9. Do you figure the expense arrangements can affect the money-related administration of a business?

Indeed, this is valid, and commonly the money-related arrangements of business are influenced by the same. The expense arrangements in a few sections of the world are not customary, and therefore, there are a few things that impact the associations to form their strategies over and over, and this could affect the ultimate results.

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10. What is budgetary administration change in PeopleSoft FSCM and what is your view on the same?

It is fundamentally the selection of another approach in the current money-related administration strategy. By and large, associations need to roll out improvements/changes to the current proposal before the finish of the budgetary year. The changes are made to enhance the results of some sub-undertakings identified with the money-related administration in an association. Changes might dependably be anything but painful to receive by the associations as they have a coordinated effect on every last one connected to the association.

11. As a money pertaining administrator, what might be the obligations of an expert towards an association? 

One of the fundamental obligations of a monetary director is to offer unqualified help to the business in accomplishing its budgetary objectives. Furthermore, there are different things for which he/she ought to be dependable, and the same is recorded underneath. The fiscal supervisors need to settle on extremely vital choices about the capital and commercial structure. They must chop down the superfluous costs so benefits can be supported

12. Mention the importance of budgetary analysis in PeopleSoft FSCM

Arranging, and besides, the budgetary analysis is the thing that they have to perform with the goal that the best possible subsidizing to every one of the exercises/undertakings could be guaranteed. All the ethical choices about the speculations could be taken by them with suitable counseling with the administration

13. Can you name any two factors on which a budgetary administration demonstrates depends to a great extent in a worldwide market?

This could be the eventual fate of money they depend on and the second could be a Floating Rate of the same.

14. Illustrate the funds-related bookkeeping and what precisely put it not the same as the monetary administration concerning PeopleSoft FSCM?

It is mostly an approach in which the great figuring of the advantages or the assets depends on the gathering rule. Along these lines, it isn't to be mistaken for the monetary administration. In this approach, it isn't generally essential that the correct money-related states of an association are explicitly reflected.

15. Tell something about the affordability Factor in PeopleSoft FSCM

It is fundamentally an approach of contrasting the distinctive money-related administration money proposition. For a plan to be fruitful, it must have to esteem more than one on file. 

16. Define the expression "Time Value of Money" widely used in the domain of PeopleSoft FSCM

It necessarily implies the distinction in the estimation of cash by and by and the opinion of some measure of money later on. It is a term that shows to the monetary specialists that they shouldn't stick to arrangements that are intended to produce the same measure of benefits over and over. Its prime rationale is to tell the specialists that the penny got by an association in the present time could be distinctive later on.

17. What kind of money-related issues does an association confront? 

  1. Decrease favorite of items/administrations
  2. Fewer deals due to not focusing on the specialty clients
  3. Improper administration of various offices
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. The initial one is the swelling
  6. Lack of assets because of abuse or overinvestment

18. What is a portion of the inconveniences of the Financial Ratios as per you?

The product offerings are not as assorted as they must be. Once in a while, the financial information in this approach gets misshaped severely. Bookkeeping approaches a great extent to changes, and this can have a substantial effect on future outcomes.

19. Define the term weighted average cost of the capital?

It is the weight-age of the expenses of various assets source inside an association

20. Give shortened form of NOI and WACC in PeopleSoft FSCM

  • NOI - It remains for the Net Operating Income
  • WACC - Average Weight Cost of Capital

21. What is less expensive among value and obligation? Draw references from PeopleSoft FSCM

The requirement is less costly in the vast majority of the cases. This is on the grounds that usually paid before the value obligation, and it has security backing too. With regards to liquidity, the obligations rank over the value in the more significant part of the cases. Likewise, it must be remembered that relying upon the plans of action, current circumstances, and advantages and disadvantages of both; the value could similarly be less expensive.

22. What makes a decent budgetary model as per you?

The prime necessity for this has a strong displaying basics. Every one of the suppositions of the models ought to stay under one rooftop for a better understanding. The model ought to be founded on the past encounters of the association in money-related administration. They should determine to the clients how well the data sources are changed to the results. The income figuring ought to be free from mistakes in the model, and it must have capacities to show every one of the yields to the approved clients.

23. What do you comprehend about the working capital?

It is mainly characterized by the present resources and the total assets of an association including the data on the liabilities.

24. What are the advantages that associations can infer in money-related administration by combining/teaming up with each other?

Blending or cooperation has a few advantages in the present time in creating benefits. The truth of the matter is cutting-edge plans of action need various specializations from the administrators. Beyond any doubt even in the wake of attempting a massive amount of good endeavors, accomplishing multi-strength isn't simple for the advantages. The greatest strength is organizations if consolidation or team up can substantially maintain a strategic distance from this issue. They can approach the advancements of each other, and this can help to spare a considerable cost as time goes on. Dangers related to entering the new markets can be kept away from.

25. Tell anyone contrasts between the Business and the money-related hazard?

Business dangers are for the most part unavoidable. Be that as it may, with legitimate arranging, the financial risks can be maintained a strategic distance from.

26. What is a restrictive credit?

It is fundamentally a credit that is to be reimbursed by the borrower as eminence and not cash. It is the point at which the association or a business creates deals or benefits on the wander gave by an outsider or another association.

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27. What precisely are the advantages of utilizing money-related administration programming in an association as per you?

The problematic days programming is adequate to be trusted, and numerous associations are there which are known to build up a portion of the best ones. They accompany a full bunch of advantages in the event that one understood how to utilize them appropriately. A couple of the best focal points they offer are:

  1. Organizations can essentially ensure computerization of different manual processes identified with the administration of back
  2. A ton of enhancements can be guaranteed in the results
  3. Evaluating can be made exceptionally straightforward and dependable
  4. They have a considerable measure of advantages in empowering the association to ensure the viability and productivity

28. What is a revenue Note?

It is a typical technique for funding financing in which the borrowers stay subject to pay the dedication and in addition the enthusiasm on the benefits or on the deals.

29. What do you mean by the term obligation securitization? Name any one capacity in which it is sorted

It is mostly a typical technique for obligation reusing, and the use in which it can be classified can be pooling capacity?

30. What precisely is the payback period?

It is fundamentally the time taken to totally recuperate the real venture from the income of the concerned undertaking. It can likewise be characterized as the Break Even Period in monetary administration.

31. How well can you describe the term benefit augmentation in money-related administration?

It is usually confounded as the legitimate objective of a budgetary administration approach. Be that as it may, it's not generally fundamental in every one of the cases. This couldn't be the last focus in a significant portion of the money-related administration strategies. Truth be told, it can be characterized as the transient target in budgetary administration. In this way, it is considered a constrained goal. It is vital for the associations to endeavor endeavors towards this subsequent to understanding every one of the dangers.

32. What are the five unique elements of the fund division in a business?

The five unique elements of the fund division in business are as follows:

  1. Dealing with the money
  2. Income administration
  3. Assets Management
  4. Performing saving money related exercises and assignments
  5. Corporate financing

33. What do you mean by the term Convexity?

It is mainly characterized as the measure of the ebb and flow that to a great extent exists among the different yields identified with security and the security costs.

34. What is conceded charge resource and what could be the thought process of an association thinking about the same?

It is mostly a circumstance that arrives when a business pays more in duty to the IRS than what precisely is appeared as liabilities and costs on the announcement of their wage in a particular day and age. The various associations can have distinctive dreams, and consequently, it isn't generally necessary that the thought process behind this could be the same for every one of the associations.

35. Name the assets that really have a place with the investors, however, can really help an association in boosting their total assets?

These are Plowing Funds.

36. In PeopleSoft FSCM would we be able to erase the online page?

Yes, we can erase the online page

37. What is the significance of the PeopleSoft messaging application in Financial Supply chain Management?

This application is generally used by the employees for communicating with each other. Generally, a few organizations provide it to their employees and they are instructed to make all the communications on the same. It enables businesses to maintain a secure environment as it avoids the chances of any data leak. Using application messaging, the information can be conveyed instantly to the users when they are instructed to keep it open all the time during work.

38. What is the strict upper limit on the nodes when it comes to connecting them with each other and installing an FSCM tool on them?

The PeopleSoft FSCM tool can be shared among a large number of users. The fact is. It has a lot of modules and generally different departments are assigned the same for the effective management of everything. Generally, there is no upper limit depending on the overall tasks associated that an organization has to handle. By boosting hardware, configuration and protocols, it is possible to add additional nodes when the need for the same is felt generally. 

39. Can you tell the prime jobs of the PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management application?

The first is to create the online vouchers and handling the payment processes that are different in nature from one another. The tasks can be accomplished manually or through an automatic process. The application package generally includes the tax withholding as per the country the user is living in. Therefore, it handles a lot of important tasks associated with the same. In addition to this, the users are free to avoid hassles to match the purchase orders with vouchers as well as with receipts. Also, it simply makes sure that the drafts can be created easily and self-billed invoices, prepayments, as well as voucher payments can be made easily. 

Moreover, the users can allow the software to handle tasks such as sending payments electronically to the other financial gateways. Also, the complete information on the accounts as well as report generating can be handled in a very reliable manner. 

40. Name a few important tables in PeopleSoft Accounts Receivables?

These are PS_Item_Activity, PS_Payment_ID_Cust and PS_Group_Control

41. Tell some important tasks of the AR modules in the PeopleSoft FSCM approach?

It can automatically load the products and services which are pending for billing. Processing the refunds quickly, preparing the worksheets for performance matching, Payment prediction, generating, and handling entries related to the account.

42. Suppose you need to set the hiring template in PeopleSoft, what are the prime components that you will take into consideration while doing the same?

The first and foremost is the selection of the template. Next is to create the category table for the same and then assigning the record files to the same. 

43. In PeopleSoft FSCM, what are the basic strategies that can be taken into consideration when it comes to updating the compensation of the employee or the worker?

The methods that can help in this matter are Amount Increases, Percentage Increases, Pay Increment based on Seniority, based on working hours, the overall performance, automated step increases, annual increments.

44. What exactly do you know about the regulatory region in the PeopleSoft FSCM?

It is basically a region where all the regulations, as well as the laws that are used by functionality processes in PeopleSoft, are present. There are several transactions that are important and they are driven by the regulatory requirement that can be a disability, safety, ethnicity as well as health.

45. Name the two statues that you can use to define the templates in the PeopleSoft Application?

These are: Active and Inactive

46. What are the different organizational relations one can have in the PeopleSoft FSCM software?

This can be the Employee, Person of Interest, Worker, Department head, manager, and Management member.

47. Do you have any idea about the Global Assignments?

These are the tasks that simply make sure for an organization that the employees or the workforce are assigned effectively to a global assignment. Generally, there are certain factors that are taken into consideration while doing so. This includes the information of the past experience of the employee, education, dependents that need to be moved with employees. It is actually an approach that is useful for organizations having multiple branches and with complex finance management policies. 

48. Tell the significance of the Employee table in PeopleSoft and what does it actually consists of?

It is nothing but the table that contains the information on the employee and the assignments or the tasks assigned to them. It is beneficial when there is a need to integrate a system with another system (third-party). It is beneficial in tasks such as employee reporting and task management. 

49. Compare Application Engines and the SQR in the PeopleSoft application?

The biggest benefit of the application engine is they are restartable and i.e. work can be resumed from the last location in case of an interrupt or from where they failed. On the other side, it is not possible to restart the SQR. They need to be rerun for the accomplishment. 

50. What do you know about a Finance Management Information System?

It is basically a system that is helpful in decision-making. Generally, it converts the financial data into reports or documents that are useful in this matter. A lot of decisions can be made simple and answer to almost highly complex questions can be located easily without giving stress to the employees. 

51. When you will make sure that there is a need for PeopleSoft FSCM software in the organization?

  • When there are a lot of errors in the transactions record
  • When transactions are slow
  • When the finance department is facing a burden
  • During the availability of inaccurate information
  • No-real time information is available
  • Record keeping of all financial transactions in a digital manner

52. What are the prime tasks for which a Logistician can be held responsible? 

  1. He/she has to make sure of the effective supply chain management
  2. Handling the Transportation management
  3. Storage of the material

53. Do you have any idea about the anti-dumping duty?

It is basically an import duty that is generally imposed when the goods which are imported have less price than the products available in the domestic market of that particular region/country.

54. What do you mean by the term Fictitious Assets and what are the advantages that an organization can have from the same?

These are generally the assets of an organization or a business that are not directly shown. In other words, they can be hidden or is available in another form than actual money. Many organizations keep these assets along with them for a specific time period and this is to get the indirect benefits that they can have. This generally includes:

  • Tax Saving
  • Funds Backup
  • Asset management

55. What are the prime benefits that an organization can have from an FSCM tool?

  1. All the complex processes can be divided into simpler tasks very easily
  2. The credit collection teams can avoid several barriers related to the supply chain management
  3. It makes sure the right customers are targeted for the products and the services
  4. A lot of manual offline processes can be removed simply
  5. More cash can be transacted in a small time frame

56. What would be the first requirement when it comes to dealing with underpayments?

For this, generally, the first step is to prepare the dispute cases and then they are forwarded to the concerned authorities or the departments. 

57. What do you mean by the term Performance Budgeting?

It generally includes the allocation of all the resources which are generally based on the goods. Thus it clearly reflects the level of performance that the users can simply or directly expect from the resources. Generally, the concerned information can be located in the corporate planning process module.

58. What are the responsibilities of an employee engaged in Financial Supply Chain Management?

The responsibilities vary largely depending on the designation of the employee and his overall experience. However, there are a few roles that are common and everyone engaged in this process has to make sure of the same.

  • Everyone is responsible for advising the experts on financial planning and analysis and planning management
  • Also, there are some important decisions in the investments which are taken through the advice of the concerned employees
  • Managing the resources under them is also the responsibility of the employees
  • Assuring no risk is caused to any other process due to their actions
  • To make the best use of funds allocated to them for a specific task

59. What are the limitations of the Financial Ratios? 

  1. Financial data get corrupted due to Inflation
  2. Factors related to seasons
  3. Diversified Product lines
  4. No standard set of ratios

60. What does OSC stands for?

It stands for Optimum Capital Structure.

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61. What are the principal characteristics of a Component Interface (CI)?

They are keys, properties, and collections, methods, and names.

62. What exactly do you know about the ethics of an effective Supply Chain Management Tool/Strategy?

It is basically a set of procedures that simply make sure that the transactions related to the cash in the business flows smoothly and a close eye can be kept on them all the time by the concerned organizations. The productivity of the finance department can be enhanced and the experts engaged in dealing with the financial transactions can be trained on how to effectively manage the expense. A good tool or a strategy also makes it sure that users can eliminate a lot of risks that are associated with short or long-term investments. Also, an FSCM tool lets users have complete independence on the utilization of their expenses without much burden or restrictions.

63. What do you think is the goal of organizations adopting the Financial Supply chain Management approach?

The leading goal is to make sure that the effectiveness of the accounts would be enhanced. This generally includes both payable and receivable accounts which simply make sure of improvements to the overall flow of cash in a business in a specific time period. When cash flow is improved, the businesses are free to make more investments in the development of products, employee training, stock expansion, and so on. 

64. Do you think that effective cash flow is important in the present business models?

Yes, it is actually very important and the organizations are often paying a lot of attention to the same due to a diverse array of reasons. The overall availability of cash has been reduced in many national or international markets at the present time. It is because of these sole reasons many businesses have put themselves in their process under research to look for the methods that actually work for boosting the cash flow.

65. What exactly do you mean by the P2P cycle?

It stands for Procurement to Payment Cycle and provides some very useful information about the various process and activities that are related to the finance department. It simply makes sure that the Purchase order, requisition, voucher, receipt of the transaction as well as payment management has been done successfully. 

66. Can you name the prime attributes of a CI in PeopleSoft FSCM?

These are:

  1. Properties
  2. Keys
  3. Collections
  4. Name
  5. Methods 
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