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Q1) How an application approach is different from a general HRMS approach


S.No   Application-based Approach General Approach
1 A complete Portfolio of employees is defined No complete information on employee Portfolio
2 Modification in the information is easy Information modification is difficult
3 System Integration is possible System Integration is not possible

Q2) What can be the benefits of Effective data in the HRMS system?

Ans) It is basically used I the handling and managing of core tables that can be the same or different from one another. It simply put separate the different transactions made by an employee on different dates. Several Setup tables can also be managed with this data easily. The effective data simply make sure of no error remains present and the record always remains up to date. 

Q3) Define Performance management in your own words along with its significance?

Ans) It is basically a system that is considered when it comes to the management of the skills, potential, efficiency, as well as extra circular activities of an employee working in an organization. It also enables organizations to represent the drawbacks associated with the employees and how they can be eliminated. Therefore, this approach is of significant importance and is best when it comes to keeping up the pace with the error-free efficiency in an organization. 

Q4) What exactly do you know about the Human Resource management systems?

Ans) HRMS is basically a function with the help of which employees are recruited, monitored, managed, and utilized through line managers. These days, HRMS systems are good enough to be considered when it comes to dealing with the issues such as hiring, compensation, appraisal, development, safety, motivation, communication, benefits, as well as their effective training. Being comprehensive systems, they are good in motivating the employees to be a productive and prime contributor for the growth of an organization. All that matters for an organization while dealing with the employees for the accomplishment of their goals can easily be accomplished. 

Q5) How can you put separate the Recruitment and selection?

Ans) In recruitment, a complete array of processes is responsible for the selection of an employee to work in an organization. Depending on the position and the responsibilities, as well as on the overall experience of the employee, these processes could vary largely. It often takes place after selection which in fact, is nothing but short-listing a candidate for a particular just through the interview. 

Q6. What do you know about the Human Resource Information systems?

Ans) These are the systems that are utilized for the purpose of storing, acquiring, distributing, controlling, as well as analyzing the information that is shared among the stakeholders. All the traditional processes can be improved significantly and the decision making and other approaches can therefore be boosted up to a good extent with this. Present days stems have a wide scope when it comes to maintaining functionality. They are capable to handle multiple tasks in a very reliable manner. 

Q7) Can you tell what the roles of a Human Resource Generalist are?

Ans) The prime role is to conduct the Induction Training and other training for the welfare of the employees such as skilled training or training for a particular domain. Designing the training program and the performance monitoring is also the responsibilities of the HR Generalist.

Q8) What is People Group in the People Soft Human Resource Management Systems?

Ans) It is basically an area where the users can define the assignment data in a clear manner. It is possible to utilize this data for the purpose of grouping the sets that matters a lot to the user. Whenever it comes to defining the eligibility of the elements, it is possible for the users to simply use them. 

Q9) What exactly do you mean by Element Entry in the HRMS?

Ans) It is basically an element that is used for the salary calculation of an employee. All the information regarding the bonus paid, increment, deductions, medical claims and other factors are considered in it. 

Q10) Can you tell something about the terminal rules of an element?

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Ans)There are three important rules for which it is responsible and they are:

1. Actual Termination - It is basically an approach that is used for the purpose of a nonrecurring element. Entries can be closed simply when the Pay Period ends
2. Final Close - This approach is considered whenever there is a need to open the entries beyond the leave period of an employee. 
3. Standard Process - It basically defaults to the day when the employee either left the job or is relieved from his/her responsibilities. It is possible to set this day at a later date. 

Q11) When there is actually a need to process the Human Resource Processes according to you

Ans) It largely depends on the organization. Depending on the size of an organization and the overall number of tasks performed, there can be a very large number of processes that an organization has to deal with. With a few organizations, processes are often combined on a daily basis whereas, with a few, they are combined after a specific time gap. 

Q12) What is an effective sequence in the PeopleSoft HRMS and how it is useful for the organizations?

Ans) It is basically an approach that is considered as best because it makes sure that the large sections of data dealing with the transactions of the employees can be handled in a reliable manner. The fact is that almost all the transactions are actions driven and it is very common that employees made similar transactions multiple times during a specific period. When such a situation arrives at all the other transactions then the first needs prompt attention. This is done through the Job table which is prepared through effectively sequencing the information.

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Q13) What exactly is a regulatory region in a Human Resource Management System?

Ans) It is basically a region that clearly defines the rules and regulations that are of prime importance in a specific function performed. There are several general requirements and in order to accomplish them, a lot of transaction is to be made under some defined rules. All such rules are present in the regulatory region. There are some specific codes that define each transaction on it is not always necessary that all the codes remain the same in all the regions. 

Q14) In the PeopleSoft Human Resource Management system, what according to you is the most important record present?

Ans) It’s nothing but the Job Record

Q15) Can you tell me something about the ERP and how it is important?

Ans) It is an approach that is referred to as a specific class of an application dealing with business modules. In order words, it is a blend of various software applications and can thus perform all the important tasks alone which were generally dependent on a number of software. It is an integrated approach and the users are free to save a lot of time through this approach

Q16) How a Prompt Table is different from a Translate Table in an HRMS system?

Ans) Both these tables are different from one another in a few ways. The strict upper limit on the translate table for the characters is maximum 4. On the other side, there is no such limit on the prompt table. The overall number of entries that can be accommodated in a translate table is 30 but the prompt table can have any number of entries available in it anytime. 

Q17) What are the modules on which the PeopleSoft HRMS can provide relevant information?

Ans) There are several modules actually that are useful and a few of them are Payroll, Job Information, Work, Employment information, Job Labor, Pattern for earning distribution, Overall compensation to the employees, Various programs for the benefits of the employee, Salary structure and any other sort of information on the employment.

Q18) Name a few factors based on which the compensation to the worker can be distributed as per the PeopleSoft HRMS system?

Ans) This can be the Unit of business, the code of earning, department, Pay the type of the ledger, Shift of the employee, the job code, overall time and so on.

Q19) What are the important tasks that can be managed through a Human Resource Management system?

Ans) It is basically a Human Resource application which is useful for combining the processes and systems in order to make sure that effective human resource management is going on in an organization. Several important and in fact, compiles HR functions are there which need to be combined to get the desired outcomes. This task is generally performed with the help of an HRM system. 

Q20) What are the various methods for the performance appraisal that an HRMS system can consider?

Ans) There are three important methods depending on the source of the feedback. The First is the 90 Degree Appraisals in which the source of the feedback of the employees is the Supervisor or the manager. Second is 180 Degree Appraisal in which the source of the feedback is nothing but the peers and last one is the 306 Degree where the source of feedback are multiple such as managers, peers, supervisors and so on. 

Q21) What are the tasks that can be performed with the help of Human Resource Information Systems?

Ans) They are as following:

1. Improving and tracking the efficiency of the process
2. Managing the hierarchy of origination
3. All the financial transactions can be made simple and useful
4. Complexity can be avoided from various departments

Q22) Compare the Hire Date and last hire date?

Ans) Hire date is the date when a person is hired in an organization. It is also called the date of joining an organization for an employee. The last hire date on the other side is the date when an organization leaves the job or is terminated from his/her services. 

Q23) Is it possible to retrieve the data using traversing in HRMS?

Ans) Yes, it is possible

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Q24) What would be your strategy for an effective Human Resource management environment in your organization?

Ans) This can be done in many ways and there are actually a lot of factors that needs to be considered for this. A few strategies are as following:

1. Rewarding the employees for their good work
2. Made them feel they are cared
3. Considering an effective application such as PeopleSoft HRMS
4. Managing the things in the rightful manner
5. Assuring the effective communication in the organization

Q25) How a particular job is identified in the PeopleSoft HRMS?

Ans) This is done through a feature known as Job Family

Q26) Managing the resources can always generate leads? Do you agree with this statement?

Ans) Yes, this is actually true and there are a lot of things that can be done in the rightful manner only if the right methods are followed when it comes to managing the resources. Resource management simply makes sure everything can be accomplished on time and in a manner that is totally free from all the bugs. You can simply make sure of things that are in your favor all the time. 

Q27) What are the challenges that are associated with proper Human Resource management?

Ans) There are certain things that can go wrong. A few of them are as following:

1. Employees often have conflicts among them which need to be addressed through an effective mechanism. Else, they can affect their efficiency
2. Nonavailability of skills can be another challenge
3. Lack of knowledge of the employees assigned a specific duty is another fact

Q28) Can you tell only one benefit of the Employees table present in the PeopleSoft HRMS?

Ans) It simply stores everything that is related to the employees

Q29) What are the reasons to trust a Software Application that can be trusted for Human Resource Management in an organization?

Ans) Software Application always makes sure of the following

1. Reliability
2. Efficiency
3. Accuracy
4. Precision
5. Error-free results
6. Sensitivity
7. Regularity

Q30) What type of data would you store in the Setup tables?

Ans) The data that wouldn’t accept many changes is generally stored in it.