Laxman Pogiri

Posted on 21st June 2024|64 views


What is the latest news about security in hardware and software for IoT?

can you explain the latest topic about security in hardware and software for IoT ? As internet modems and routers are notoriously unsafe, isn't IoT going to be problematic as routers, modems and switches?


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Aryan Sharma

Posted on 21st June 2024| views


Security has been a major issue. IoT vendors are not focusing on this aspect and their attempts to secure the IoT devices are low. They are more focused on how to push their product into the market and the increase in the customers, and the product security doesn’t sit in their top priority. 


Multiple hacks have occurred on IoT in the past and will happen in the future as well. One among such hacks happened is Mirai Botnet which is a malware that corrupts the smart devices and turns them into remotely controllable bots. Generally, Bonet is used to launching DDoS attacks and due to the attack, it had to take down sites like CNN, Netflix and Twitter. 


If you have IoT devices in your house and are connected to a network then there is a high possibility that your device has been compromised and IoT is built with vulnerabilities. Major corporations are making attempts to secure these devices if not the attacks will happen in the future.


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