25th April 2020

What Is The Difference Between AWS EFS Vs EBS Vs S3 And When To Use?

Can anyone tell me what are the best ways to use AWS EFS vs EBS vs S3


8th May 2020

Answered by Ishika A

  Performance Storage Option  Cost Storage & File size limits
AWS EFS Scalable up to 300 requests every second Elastic file storage approx. $0.30 per GB per month 52 TB max for individual files
AWS S3 Up to 7k files system operations every second Simple object storage $0.023/GB for first 50 TB/month No limit on quantity of objects
Individual objects up to 5TB
AWS EBS 4k i/o operations per second Block-level data storage Use based cost that is different for a different region

Max storage size 16 TB,

No file size limit on disk

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