Kartheeka Nair

Posted on 18th July 2024|41 views


How is AI being used in education?

How artificial intelligence can be used in education? Can you explain with an example? Thank you..

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ravi sankar

Posted on 18th July 2024| views

Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our everyday lives and in our classrooms. Here you can see some of the roles Artificial intelligence will play in the classroom.

  • Support Students:

AI will know each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Meet a Variety of Student Needs:

AI will help the students with special needs by adapting materials to lead them to success. 

  • Allow Teachers to Act as Learning Motivators:

AI will change the role of teachers in the classroom. So the teachers move to the role of classroom facilitator or learning motivator.

  • Provide Personalized Help for students :

AI provides personalized tutoring for students outside of the classroom. 

  • Identify Weaknesses in the Classroom:

AI will also identify when groups of students miss certain questions letting the teacher know when material needs to be retaught. AI will also hold teachers accountable and strengthen best teaching practices.


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