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Postgresql Tablespace Location

What is the Tablespace location in PostgreSQL?

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  1. A Tablespace is a simple command used by the PostgreSQL server as it defines locations for the files holding database objects.
  2. Tablespace gives a privilege to the superuser to control the layout of the disk.
  3. A tablespace used to increase the performance by storing the most used data on the available high-speed drive, and least used data on the slow disk as this can optimise the performance of the database objects.
  4. Users use the tablespace for Fast indexes, database growth and data compression. 

Creating a tablespace Syntax:

CREATE TABLESPACE fastspace LOCATION '/mnt/sda1/postgresql/data'; 

Above syntax creates a tablespace which will allocate file locations which holds database objects.

By default, once we create a tablespace, then it creates two dataspaces:

Pg_global: it is used for shared systems when the database cluster initialised.

Pg_default: it creates default tablespace as template1, template0.


Tablespace functions as this is a very efficient feature in PostgreSQL as this can use for data backup(pg_basebackup), Creating, moving and making temporary objects and so on.


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