3rd August 2020

Golang Function Pointer

Can I have a function pointer in Go?

I am very new to Go, so I just want to know is there any way to declare the function pointer as we do in C like this void (*pfunc)(void); here is my code 

func hey(){



func main(){

pfunc := hey





8th August 2020

Answered by naveen nani

A function in Go is a type, so you can actually create a variable of type func, signature this may work

var pfunc func(string)

This variable can point to a function which takes a string as an argument also returns nothing. This example works well.

package main 

import "fmt" 

func hey(to string) 

{ fmt.Printf("Hey, %s!\n", to) } 

func main() 

{ var pfunc func(string) 

pfunc = hey 

pfunc("world") }


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