Jared Burns

Posted on 26th February 2024|15 views


Importing Source Data From MSSQL Into PG And The Dbo Schema Is Not Viewable. Dbo Seems To Be A System Schema.

We had a free PG version on windows and imported from MSSQL with dbo as driving schema.  On window all data showed up under DB>dbo>tables.  We migrated to Enterprise version on Linux.  Doing another import from same MSSQL source and now we cannot see dbo schema from PGAdmin.  When clicking on the DB>schema>add new schema it says that dbo already exists.  Toad sees the dbo schema but no talbes.  jdbc:postgresql://  URL connection in my application shows the dbo schema and tables are there and we can see them from Linux command.  How do we make dbo schema a normal, viewable, workable schema? 


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