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Postgresql Max Connections

What is the Max number of connections in PostgreSQL?

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  1. PostgreSQL Server database allows only 115.15 connections to maintain the state and integrity for the primary user. But, only 100 connections or links are available for the user to run his applications and programs. 
  2. However, if many connections are accessing the database server, then there will be a massive data loss or applications cannot reach the database.
  3. To overcome the problem of high traffic in a single data server in PostgreSQL, we can use the methods like killing the connections, Increasing the maximum available limit and connection pooling.
  • Connection pooling:

Different users can share classes and functions in the driver libraries of PostgreSQL at a time, so to implement these, we need to connect them by using the data source.

  • Killing the connections:

If we have trouble connecting the database server due to connections overloading, then you have to kill the connections so that the server runs efficiently. 

  • Increasing the connection limits:

From your Deployment Overview view, click Resources to open the Deployment Resources view.

Click Scale in the Nodes panel to open the Scale Nodes view.

Here we can increase the connection limit.

If you are on PostgreSQL 9.6 and above then only you can rescale your connection limit.


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