Sowjanya Kodiganti

Posted on 24th May 2024|57 views


How does Azure batch work?

Can somebody explain how the microsoft azure batch perform?

Tom 234

Posted on 24th May 2024

Azure Batch creates and manages a pool of compute nodes (virtual machines), installs the applications that you want to run, and schedules jobs to run on the nodes.Below you can see how it works:

  • First, you need to upload the data files to the Azure storage account. Batch has built-in support for accessing blob storage. While you run the task they will download the data files to compute nodes for processing.
  • After that you have to upload the applications to run the task. Applications may be scripts or binary files. you can upload them to a storage account or package them using application package management and deploy.
  • After you need to create the compute nodes. Once completed the creation of compute nodes then you have to specify the node size and operating system. Batch supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Then you need to create a job. Jobs will manage the task and assign them to compute nodes to run and process your data.
  • After that add a task to the job
  • Monitor the job and as they finish you can get the output file in your storage account.

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