Tim Parker

Posted on 20th April 2024|64 views


What Are The Functions When SAP Is Connected To Dell Boomi?

I am trying to learn more about Dell Boomi, Can Anyone please explain?

Aryan Sharma

Posted on 20th April 2024

There are two types of operations which can be taken into consideration when SAP is connected to Boomi, i.e.:

  • SAP connection
  • SAP operation 


These designs provide you Reusable components that have connection settings such as SAP-related settings that include IDoc TID support, Username and password. Once you can build your connection and connector operation, a connector is set up within the process. 


When the SAP connector is properly defined within the process, it will help Boomi integration virtually map to and fro to any system, and it can also retrieve data and send data to SAP using this connection.


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