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How do I make Azure logic app?

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Sameer Mohammed

Posted on 21st June 2024| views

To make an azure logic app you have to follow the below-mentioned steps 

  • Sign in to Microsoft Azure portal and click on +new  and choose enterprise integration, then select logic apps
  • In the create logic app window give the name for the logic app and select the appropriate location and resource a group and click on create 
  • After creating the app we have to select the theme which we want. As it will be your first time you can continue with a blank logic app.
  • After creating a blank logic app we have to create a trigger this event will start the logic app. For example, in search, we can twitter and select it.
  • We have to sign in to twitter to give the authorization to the logic app after finishing the authorization we have to type in  #Azure in search text and we should give the frequency and intervals so that our logic app can check for the new tweets that many times
  • Click on new step button and select Add an action
  • Now we can connect to the connectors which are available in the search box, for example, we can select Outlook.com - Send Email to send an email from our outlook address
  • Now we have to sign in to our outlook email address 
  • After signing in we have to enter the details which are required
  • After giving the details we can save the data to create a logic app
  • After some time we will get the logic app dashboard

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