Tim Parker

Posted on 19th July 2024|44 views


How To Uplaod Bulk Data Into Qlik Sense?

I want to represent about 5 million XML documents to analyze the raw data in Qlik using MarkLogic REST interface. But I am not able to send that much data using cts: search.

Is there a better way to do this?

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Aryan Sharma

Posted on 19th July 2024| views

It is very difficult or nearly impossible to transfer huge amounts of data out of or into any type of system in one single transaction. Even if you are able to initiate the transaction, it is not recommended to do so because if it fails then the transaction fails completely and starting over is the only option. 

The best way recommended is to Split up or batch the documents into small desirable chunks (up to 1 minute or 100 MB) and upload them. Because, as time and size increases the chances of problems to occur also increases.


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