Altaf syed

Posted on 27th February 2024|75 views


Which Linux OS is fastest?

i would like to know that which linux os is fast and good for my system

Harish Harsh

Posted on 27th February 2024

There are many Linux distros which are lightest and fastest I will list out some of them below 

Tiny core - It’s one of the lightest distros in Linux it is not complexed it is useful for an average desktop user. It needs only 64mb of ram and CPU: i486DX 

Puppy Linux -  It is also one of the lightest distros it does not come up with a lot of apps, It requires only ram:256mb CPU: 600 Hz Processor

SparkyLinux - Being the lightest distro it runs in modern computers as well the minimum hardware it requires Ram - 512mb, CPU - Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon Disk space-2gb


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