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What Is The Procedure In Qlik Sense To Create A Cyclic Group?

Please explain about the cyclic group. please explain.

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Aryan Sharma

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Following these steps in basic settings that will be done for every solution. 

Let's take a sample Table structure as Branch, State and Location. 

Next, the Is Sample Name and Branch and State Location are:

  • Sample1 next Branch1 Then State1 and Location(USA)
  • Sample2 next Branch2  Then State2 and Location(India)


Cycle drill is created containing

  • Branch
  • State
  • Location 


Load info and create in order load


load * inline


SampleName, SampleName_Label

Branch, Branch Name

State, State Name

Location, Location Name



Once the data has been loaded there are two ways to look at Drill_below inFilter, these will be available in the Qlik Sense app. This will not be able to receive the default value, and due to this multiple selections will be enabled. If the first load drill is selected and visible then the client wouldn't worry about it. 


Now as the drill sections are ready we need to link charts to these drills. 

When we have a particular drill that needs to be connected to the drill, we have two ways which go as follows:

  • Use if condition
  • Use Pick Match


If the data is large its lags for the charts to load/reload, use the below-mentioned way:


Function capabilities, in Size, Create dimension Looks like



Measures are created as per the requirement, which gives a cyclic group. 


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