imran mohammad

Posted on 20th May 2024|79 views


What are the benefits of Linux?

i would like to know the benfits of linux os

Munaf syed

Posted on 20th May 2024

Linux is an operating system like windows and etc. There are many benefits of using it I will list out some of the benefits below 

Open Source - It is an open-source operating system so that every one of us can access it, download it, edit it as per our requirement.

Security - As we all know the Linux offers great security to its users as compared to windows every application on Linux can only be accessed with a password 

Free to use - Linux is free to use we don’t need to buy any license to use it and many of its apps are also free to use 

Privacy - Linux gives more privacy to its users it does not collect much data from the users when giving software or its apps


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