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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of IOT (Internet Of Things)?

May I Know the Advantages and Disadvantages Of IoT (Internet of Things ) Technology?

Aryan Sharma

Posted on 24th May 2024

IoT is basically a number of devices being connected using the internet. This successful integration of devices will help to remotely control or access the process of action and regulate them according to required parameters. IoT has its own advantages and disadvantages which goes as follows:



  • It saves a lot of time in the monitoring process. 
  • As IoT creates a network between the devices it is very easy to access data from anywhere.
  • Any security system connected to IoT is secure. 
  • Information sent by IoT devices is accurate enough to derive better decision making in a business.
  • IoT is very in-expensive and works very efficiently when it comes to the collection of data


  • The main issue with IoT is privacy as it creates a network between devices and the Internet, and all the data is encrypted.
  • As Iot depends on devices more than humans it reduces the human dependency this reduces employment.

IoT devices are interconnected with other devices from different networks. So, there is the chance of misuse of information and hacking the systems.

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