Aryan Sharma

Posted on 5th March 2024

Internet Gateway:

  • It is a logical connection between the internet and Amazon VPC. 
  • Each VPC can be associated with one user
  • It is not a physical device
  • Brandwidth of the internet is not limited, but the only limitation is on the size of Amazon EC2 instance. 


NAT Instance:

  • It is an Amazon EC2 instance that is used to move forward the traffic to the internet. 
  • It can be launched by configuring data or from an already existing AMI
  • Traffic is directed to NAT Instance is initially sent to an IP address 
  • It is limited to bandwidth


Nat Gateway:

  • It is self-managed-service, it works on its own including troubleshooting. 
  • It can add up to 10 GBPS
  • Only one user can Operate one AZ 
  • NAT Gateway cannot be associated with security groups. 

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