kavya A

Posted on 23rd June 2024|83 views


How To Handle Synthetic Keys In Qlik Sense?

Can someone please explain more about synthetic keys, I am a beginner and I want to know more about them. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Aryan Sharma

Posted on 23rd June 2024| views

Here are some ways to solve and avoid the synthetic keys in data load script: 

  • Synthetic keys are required to logically link to two tables. Fields like remarks Comment and description need not particularly be linked to tables so if they are not linked, they cannot be used as keys. 
  • In a few tables data like Name, Date and company might have the same values with different orders. They will not be considered as keys.
  • It is important to note that only the required fields should be connected. 
  • If required, non-composite/primary keys from your own use string concentration in an AutoNumber Script function.

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