Sambhavi Vijayawada

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How is Big Data Analysis and Internet of Things (IoT) related?

Im very interested to know the relation between Big data analysis and Internet of Things

Aryan Sharma

Posted on 13th April 2024

  • *A large amount of unstructured data is generated by IoT devices which are collected in the big data system. This IoT generated big data largely depends on their 3V factors that are volume, velocity, and variety.
  • *In the big data system which is basically a shared distributed database, the huge amount of data is stored in big data files.
  • *Analyzing the stored IoT big data using analytic tools like Hadoop MapReduce or Spark
  • *Generating the reports of analyzed data.
Sujith Sukumaran

Posted on 13th April 2024

Despite their frequent association, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are two distinct technology domains. The internet of things (IoT) is a sophisticated web of decentralized devices that collect data and send it back to a central location over the internet. This data can be utilized to develop real-time analytics for a variety of applications, including industrial manufacturing and agricultural irrigation.

What is Big-Data?

Big data refers to extremely massive collections of data. This information can come from any time and everywhere, from social media links to multimillion-dollar financial transactions.

According to the report, the Internet of Things will generate about 4.4 trillion GB of data by 2021. This is unquestionably tough to grasp. With the increasing number of connected devices, it is expected that by 2021, more than 10 billion sensors and devices would be connected to the internet. Furthermore, data will be collected, analyzed, shared, and transmitted in real-time by all of these devices. As a result, without data, IoT devices would lack the features and capacities that have gotten them so much attention throughout the world.

Not only that, but Big Data is also transforming mobile app development. Mobile app development services providers can use big data techniques to collect, simplify, and evaluate numerous data sets in order to address patterns in client preferences. Then, using big data insights, developers can create futuristic and unique mobile applications.

Hive, Cloudera, Hadoop, Tableau, and Spark are some of the most prominent big data tools used by developers. These tools make it possible for developers to create sophisticated mobile applications with new features.

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