Sophia Nelson

Posted on 21st June 2024|50 views


What are latest features in Share Point?

I stucked up with using deprecated versions.... can anybody explain it?

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Justus Blake

Posted on 21st June 2024| views

1. Modern Team Sites - Through the modern team site interface, users can create a site without asking admins

2. Modern Search Experience - In modern search experience, users will get search suggestions based on their earlier searched just like Goole searches. Also, they can see the searches based on the categories.

3. Modern Site Pages - The latest features of SharePoint include sites pages with rich authoring. Users can add their own information, add images, videos and other documents.

4. Libraries and Lists - Through the libraries and Lists, common tasks like filtering and sorting of files, formatting columns, moving files, copying and pinning documents can be done smoothly. 

5. Communication Sites - Through communication sites, users can share messages with asking for any approval.

6. SharePoint Mobile App - SharePoint mobile has made the work easier and accessible from anywhere anytime.

7. SMTP Authentication for Emails - SharePoint supports SMTP authentication for sending emails and make the environment high secure.

8. PowerApps, MS Flow, and Power BI integration - SharePoint allows integration with many cloud tools such as PowerApps, Power BI, and MS Flow. 

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