Tim Parker

Posted on 27th February 2024|41 views


Please Explain The Procedure To Break 1 Api Into Multiple By Dell Boomi?

I am trying To Call a system which doesn't have its API Bulkfield. So please explain to me how to do it.

Aryan Sharma

Posted on 27th February 2024

To explain this let’s take an example, let’s consider 1 record and it has  1000 child records. Dell Boomi follows the below workflow to process data:

STEP 1: Boomi reads your parameters or records from the source 

STEP 2: It uses connections to access all 1000 records. 

STEP 3: A data process shape where your document is split into 1000 bits.

STEP 4: In this, each bit is processed in one way or in multiple ways. 


Ps: There is built-in functionality to handle SOAP and REST calls.


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