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Postgresql Drop Function

What is Drop function in PostgreSQL?

sri kanth

Posted on 2nd March 2024

  • Sometimes when you define a user-defined function or any function which is no more required than we use this drop function to drop the redundant functions from the library.
  • Once you drop a function, then it cannot be retained. It should be recreated again in PostgreSQL DBMS.



Drop Function function_name;


 function_name =function the user wishes to drop.


For example:

DROP FUNCTION power(integer, integer);               #removes the power function

DROP FUNCTION my_details;                      #removes functions without arguments also


  • For example: let us assume that we create a function: 

CREATE FUNCTION add(number,number);

Now, after using that function when you wish to drop that function, we use the command. 

DROP FUNCTION add(number,number);


  • Cascade:

This function will drop objects that depend on that function.

  • Restrict:

 This function is by default. It refuses the function to drop any objects that depend on that function.


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